Minami San Sensational Tsuyagoshi Hole – Review

Minami San Sensational Tsuyagoshi Hole Review – A Hip Male Masturbator by KMP

  • Product:  Minami San Sensational Tsuyagoshi Hole
  • Sku: マガこれむむむ 床オナホール)皆見さんの艶腰ホール
  • Maker: KMP
  • Measurements: Weight: 4800 Grams 
  • Link: Shop (affiliate link)

The Minami San Sensational Tsuyagoshi Hole is the third toy made by KMP based on the Minami from the erotic doujinshi Minami-San Sensational. The other toys have all been released quite recently also. They are the Minami San Sensational Gigantic Tits – here and the Minami San Sensational Huge Ass – here (I also did a review for it – here).

The three toys, so they are all a little more expensive than other hip masturbators available, but they are all meant to be premium (high-end) sex toys with large size, weight and realism and the Sensational Huge Ass really was great quality with good stimulation. The huge ass is the doggy style version, so let’s see how this missionary position toy compares…

The Box / Packaging

The toy comes packaged in a well-designed box with lots of nice illustrations of Minami-san and her gigantic tits and shapely figure.

Minami San Sensational Tsuyagoshi Onahole Review
Minami San Sensational Tsuyagoshi Hip Onahole by KMP

On the front, Minami-san is posing in purple see-through underwear with her legs spread eagle and holding her big tits up against the burdensome force of gravity. 

Minami San Sensational Tsuyagoshi Onahole Review

As with the other Minami San toys by KMP, this one comes well protected in a polystyrene casing and accompanied by a bottle of lube that is sufficient for a good few uses.

The Onahole

This toy is a weighty 4.8kgs and considering it’s just the hips and tummy and has a flat back so it can be laid on a flat surface, it really is a weighty toy.

The toy is very realistic looking with great skin tone, texture and shapes.   

Minami San Sensational Tsuyagoshi Onahole Review

The skins has a natural and feel and is great to touch. There’s a thick layer of skin surrounding a sort of harder shell in the middle. You can feel her six-pack muscles on her tummy.

This hip is very sturdy with the flat back and harder shell in the middle takes away a little of the realism, it adds a lot of stability and sturdiness to the toy.so you can use it and play with it quite confidently.

There are two penetrable holes, vaginal and anal on this toy and some invitingly realistic looking moulded pussy lips surrounding it that are soft and awesome to touch. 

The asshole is just underneath and is a much tighter hole. There are no over-emphasised parts on this toy and the level of realism and attention to detail is high, which is kind of surprising considering it is based on a fictional character who is known for having unrealistic body proportions. 

As with the Sensational Ass, the toy has one of the most realistic pussies and assholes that I’ve seen on a male masturbator toy. 

There’s obviously a lack of colouring and pubic hair, but the texture, wrinkles and shape of the vagina and anus all look nice and quite real and highly inviting. 

Both the pussy and the asshole hare easy to slide and fairly easy to enter and lubricate.

The Feel

Both holes are very pleasurable. The vaginal passage offers good stimulation with various protrusions throughout a snug tunnel. The pussy lips are nice to watch as you penetrate and observe them stroking your shaft.

Minami San Sensational Tsuyagoshi Onahole Review

The vagina is not overwhelming, but a nice steady experience which is perfect for taking it slow or rimming and building up to a powerful shakey finish.

Minami San Sensational Tsuyagoshi Onahole Review
Minami San Sensational Tsuyagoshi Onahole Review

As is probably obvious, the asshole provides a more tight stimulation with its straight tunnel. It has fewer protrusions within, with much of the sensations provided by the tight anus entrance. Plenty of lube is required for both holes, but more so for the ass. Good for single sessions if you just want a hard and fast session, but also good for switching up between. The main attraction here is definitely the vagina. 

The inner shell means you can go quite hard or put some weight on the toy without fear of the body collapsing in on itself. 


As was the same with the Sensation Ass, the size and weight of the makes it a little difficult to clean and dry. You’ll need to put it in a bathtub or with a showerhead and then propping it up against something sturdy to dry out.

The Tsuyogoshi Hole is not cheap, but it is a premium onahole with high-quality design and good stimulation form both holes. It’s a little cheaper than the Sensational Ass but it also weighs a little less with less total mass.

This is not a toy that you discard after a couple of months use. It’s very well made and durable and that inner shell, while taking away some of the realism, enables you to enjoy it confidently.

The onahole should provide you with many pleasurable sessions providing you take care of it and the stimulation way better than an average handheld masturbator. 

The Minami San Sensational Tsuyagoshi Hole Hip Onahole is available here


  • + Decent size and weight
  • + Looks great
  • + Good stimulation


  • – A little difficult to clean and lubricate due to the size and weight 
  • – Maybe a little expensive for some people

Rating 9/10

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