Immature Succubus Saccuel Oppai DX 3.4kg – Review

Immature Succubus Saccuel Oppai DX 3.4kg Review – A Breast Male Masturbator by Kiteru Kiteru

  • Product:  Immature Succubus Saccuel Oppai DX 3.4kg
  • Sku: 半熟サキュバス サキュエルおっぱいDX 3.4Kg
  • Maker: Kiteru Kiteru
  • Measurements: Weight: 3400 Grams 
  • Link: Shop (affiliate link)

Succubi seem to be quite popular in modern culture, not just in the world of sex toys, but also in media, art, memes etc. Why? Well, they’re smart, deceptive, dangerous and sex-crazed demons in the form of sexy and voluptuous women who seduce and manipulate men solely for their own benefit. What’s not to like?

The Japanese adult toymaker, Kiteru Kiteru have especially been pushing succubus-themed male masturbators and erotic goods. Actually, most of their products are immature succubus-themed. 

The product I’m reviewing today is the Immature Succubus Saccuel Oppai DX 3.4kg – Which are large p-cup succubus oppia, and surprisingly big when you consider the fact that they’re based on an “immature” succubus. 

Immature Succubus Saccuel Oppai DX 3.4kg - Review
Immature Succubus Saccuel Oppai DX 3.4kg

The Box

The box features the same purple-haired lolita succubus that appears on Kiteru Kiteru’s other succubus range of items. She has very big tits. 

Immature Succubus Saccuel Oppai DX 3.4kg - Review

The breasts are quite big, so the box is large. Inside the box, there is also a small bottle of lubricant.

The Tits

The tits are quite big and certainly more than a handful for the average-sized hand person. The nipples are also quite big, round and erect and are fun to play with.

Breast Male Masturbator by Kiteru Kiteru

The skin colour is light pink. Not the most realistic colour or look to these breasts but since they’re based on an anime-style fantasy succubus it’s not really an issue I suppose. 

Immature Succubus Saccuel Oppai DX 3.4kg - Review

The tits are super soft, wobbly and squeezy. Pretty much what you’d expect from a breast male masturbator toy – They’re good for fucking. They have a nice shape to them too and plenty of space to prod around in and plenty of titty flesh to wrap around your member.  

They do tend to pick up dust and bits of fluff and it can be a pain to get off so keeping them away from any dusty place or pets is advised.

The Feel

You’ll have to place these on your bed or a suitable flat surface to enjoy them as they are quite big and weigh 3.5kgs which is a quite a lot for a big wobbly sex toy. 

Immature Succubus Saccuel Oppai DX 3.4kg - Review

The Immature Succubus Saccuel Oppai DX 3.4kg are very soft and jiggly and have good penis-pleasuring qualities. Some lube is required to fully enjoy them, and a little testing is also needed to find the optimum point of entry and how best to use all that titty meat to pleasure your cock. Once you’ve figured it out though, these tits are a pleasure. Tits are obviously not as stimulating as onaholes with a lack of a tunnel and inner protrusions, but they’re good for a nice steady session that can lead up to a big climax. Finishing the job and coating the tits in jizz is marvellous. 


These tits are very fun to play with and fuck and they’re easy to clean by running under a tap or a showerhead. They pick up a bit of dust and dirt, but most sex toys do and it’s not impossible to get off, just a little annoying. 

The quality of the breast is quite good and they seem to be durable and should last for years providing you take care of them properly. They’re a mid-price range breast toy, but they’re fairly big and weighty and do exactly what they’re made to do pretty well. 

The Immature Succubus Saccuel Oppai DX 3.4kg Breasts are available here


  • + Decent size and weight
  • + Good stimulation


  • – Picks up dust and dirt
  • – Not the most realistic looking, but they are based on a fantasy character 

Rating 8/10

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