Sujiman Kupa Big Rina – Review

Sujiman Kupa Big Rina Review – A Virgin Themed Male Masturbator by Magic Eyes

  • Product:  Sujiman Kupa Big Rina
  • Sku: すじまんくぱぁ! BIGりな
  • Maker: Magic Eyes
  • Measurements: Weight: 600 Grams / Dimensions: 170 x 71 x 92 mm
  • Link: Shop (affiliate link)

The Sujiman Kupa Big Rina is a virgin/cameltoe themed onahole from the Japanese adult toy-making giants Magic Eyes. It’s a large (600g) sized onahole and the “big” version of the Sujiman Kupa Rina – Here. 

If you know anything about onaholes, you’ll most likely know about Magic Eyes and there wide range of sex toys. From dildo and lubricants to dolls and onaholes. They are constantly releasing new products almost monthly and many of them are quite popular and receive good reviews. Their sujiman (camel toe theme) toys are especially popular. I guess people just love a big ol’ camel-toe wrapped around their shaft. 

Magic Eyes do sometimes put out a dud though. No company is consistently perfect I suppose. So let’s see if Big Rina gets the pork sword salute or the droopy bow…

The Box / Packaging

All of Magic Eyes’ most recent toys come in boxes of high quality. From the artwork featured on it to the overall design and colours. Many of them also have some kind of unique gimmick like the girl trapped in the wooden Maiden.

Sujiman Kupa Big Rina Onahole

The Sujiman Kupa Big Rina features the same high-quality design and also a small gimmick. The illustration is in the typical Magic Eyes art style and features a European-looking anime-style girl wearing some kind of old fashioned attire. 

The gimmick in this box is a small hole where you can see through the girl’s clothes enabling us to see her white panties and her camel toe. It’s not my favourite artwork and box design from Magic Eyes personally, but it’s alright. 

The Onahole

The Big Rina is pretty much exactly the same design as the Rina, except it’s twice as big and weighty. 

Sujiman Kupa Big Rina Onahole

It is a skin-coloured toy with a moulded small body. It has very small boobs on the front and a big plump camel toe surrounding the tunnel entrance. and around the back, you’ll find the small moulded buttocks which are a little flat, but better than nothing. 

The Sujiman Kupa Big Rina is a dual-layer toy. The outer material is made up the Magic Eyes stuff which is not a bad thing – It is super soft, smooth and flexible. But, as with many onaholes, it does have a tendency to collect dust, fluff and whatever similar inanimate object you might have existing in your bedroom. 

The inner tunnel is made up of a darker pink coloured material that is more flesh-like. It actually looks somewhat realistic if you squint a little (a lot). The tunnel is made up of various ridges and nubs leading to a small fleshy doughnut at the end that is made to tickle the type of your penis and provide more stimulation. Sounds nice, doesn’t it? 

The toy is fairly heavy for its size at 600g. It’s nice to have something to hold onto and the bigger size just makes it better for a more well-endowed person. The size and weight also give the small body a little more substance which is nice. You can feel her small breast, her ass and the curve in her back. 

The toy is easy to lube and enter. No problems there. It’s also fairly easy to clean with some water and a finger to scrape your deposits out, but her tunnel is a little longer than the standard Rina. 

The Feel

Big Rina’s pussy is quite nice. It feels somewhat realistic, once it’s warmed up at least, and if you close your eyes. The stimulation is not mind-blowing, but more of a nice and steady pleasurable experience. 

Sujiman Kupa Big Rina Onahole

When you use this toy, you’ll understand why the sujiman (cameltoe) toys are so popular. The protruding puffy lips wrap around and slide along your shaft giving more stimulation and also making things look a whole lot better. It’s a pleasure to watch.

Because the toy is fairly large, it doesn’t stretch out and expands like some smaller toys do, and contains you pretty well. 

Sujiman Kupa Big Rina Onahole

The tunnel is fairly tight for the toy’s size and feels good and you can notice some of the bigger protrusions whilst inside. 

I couldn’t quite feel that doughnut at the end though. Not sure if that’s a personal thing with the sensitivity of my penis or if the fleshy doughnut is just not that good. The rest of the tunnel is nice though.


The Sujiman Kupa Big Rina is obviously a high-quality toy, but its dual-layer design most likely means that the inner material will wear out sooner or later, especially if you fuck her regularly. But with proper care, she should last a good few months at least. 

She’s also not too expensive given her size and quality. The stimulation is good and the tunnel is designed well enough to allow you to enjoy her from the front or the back as with most Magic Eyes onaholes. 

The Sujiman Kupa Big Rina Onahole is available here.


  • + Decent size and weight
  • + Good stimulation
  • + Fairly cheap considering size and quality


  • – The inner tunnel is likely to wear down eventually 

Rating 8/10

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