Chibiko Idol Sakura Onahole – Review

Chibiko Idol Sakura Onahole Review – A Virgin Themed Male Masturbator by PPP

  • Product:  Chibiko Idol Sakura
  • Sku: ち○っこアイドル さくら
  • Maker: PPP / Outvision
  • Measurements: Weight: 500 Grams / Dimensions: 200 x 140 x 110 mm
  • Link: Shop (affiliate link)

The Chibiko Idol Sakura is another addition in the extensive line of male sex toys by toymaker PPP in Japan. PPP is the maker behind the popular Taimain series of onaholes based on the hentai anime/erogame of the same name. And also the Puni Fuwa Mochi 2000 and the more recent S Rank Momo Mocchi 2000so they have some successful toys in their back catalogue and seem to be establishing themselves as one of the major Japanese sex toy manufacturers. 

Chibiko Idol Sakura is a lolita-virgin-themed scaled-down torso masturbator with two penetrable holes and probably the most lolita-esque figure I’ve ever seen on a sex toy. So if you love lolis, then this may appeal to you, but bare in mind, it’s box design and the shape of the actual toy itself runs the risk of raising questions should it be found in customs checks in certain countries. 

The Box / Packaging

The Chibiko Idol Sakura comes in a large box featuring an illustration of a lolita girl. As I mentioned before, this is the lolitiest lolita toy to have ever been lolitad. Just look at the box image and you’ll see what I mean.

Chibiko Idol Sakura Onahole
Chibiko Idol Sakura – Mini Torso Onahole by PPP

Inside the box, the toy comes in a plastic bag and accompanied by a 120ml bottle of lubricant. Not may makers offer a bottle of lube this size and mostly just slap in a small tube that is good for maybe two uses if you use it sparingly, so the 120ml is a nice bonus here. The lube works well, nothing to complain about there. 

The Onahole

The onahole is about 1.5kgs in weight, 20cms tall, 14cms wide (at the hips) and 11cms from ass cheeks to tummy. So, as you can see, she’s quite plump.

Chibiko Idol Sakura Onahole by PPP

The toy is skin coloured and very soft to the touch. It has a tiny bit of wobble that is rather alluring. Both tunnels are dual-layered so the inner walls are made of a darker pink soft and fleshy material. It feels seems fairly durable and it looks enticing when you open up the entrance holes to peer inside. 

The shape of the toy fits the lolita theme very well with super small breasts, a chubby little tummy, round hips and BIG perky camel toe. It has little mounds that make up the shape of the nipples, but no actual nipples.  

The entrance to the vaginal tunnel is a long vertical slit which is wide enough to make cleaning and lubing easy enough, although the tunnel is curved and ridged so some fingering is needed to scrape everything out after use. The anus is a little harder as it’s tighter and smaller but not a huge difficulty. 

Both holes are made up of the darker pink material and feature a curved and rigid tube with soft ribbed walls. The anal tunnel leads into the vaginal tunnel about half-way through so towards the end, you’ll get pretty much the same sensation, but the tighter anal tube aims to provide a snugger stimulation at the front.

The Feel

The tunnel designs and textures work well with this toy. Each tunnel provides a different stimulation, with the anal tunnel, as should be expected, providing a little tighter feeling. The vaginal tunnel is very nice, but I prefer the back passage on the Chibiko Idol.

Chibiko Idol Sakura Onahole

The inner material together with the curved tunnels and various protrusions combine well to provide a pleasurable stimulation in both holes. And the outer toy is fun to play with and squeeze whilst you’re inside, due to all that excess chub and small perky tits. 


The Chibiko Idol Sakura has good size and quite a bit of weight to it which is always a positive for me with onaholes. More weight and size means you can go harder and having something to grip and move around just adds to the experience. I’m impressed with the size because this is actually quite a cheap toy considering that it also has two holes. 

Chibiko Idol Sakura Onahole

Other onaholes of the same size can often cost twice as much as this. Yet, the material quality here feels good and it seems sturdy enough. I haven’t had any troubles. Plus the sensations it provides are good and having two holes to penetrate adds a little variety. Plus you get a bottle of lube. Great value!

It is available for just over $50 (at time of writing with otonaJP). If you want a decent torso onahole but don’t want to fork out too much cash, then this is a good choice. And if you’re a lolita fan, then this is pretty much the ultimate lolita toy. 

The Chibiko Idol Sakura Onahole is available here.


  • + Decent size and weight
  • + Two holes
  • + Good stimulation
  • + Fairly cheap, yet good quality


  • – The lolita packaging could be risky importing in some countries

Rating 9/10

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