No more Loli Products for PayPal users

Deep down inside you are as sick as me, well maybe not, but we all have that one loli parody onahole we love to use when times are down. If you where hoping to get more to drown your sorrows in and are an avid user of PayPals services, guess what? You wont be buying them using PayPal at least.

The new rules are you cant buy anything that is “Loli, Nudity, School Girl references, Scaled down Dolls with small Bodies as reference to possible underage naked bodies”, jeez makes me feel bad about myself fapping into a rubber hole, Thank You PayPal!

Our friends over at OtonaJP have talked about the issue that has been responsible for closing countless of onahole related shops (e.g. Otona Sekai, NipponSexToys, etc) and how they will not be using PayPal services since a lot of their products fall into this category. You can still use their many other payment methods on their websites that don’t judge you for your purchases (Visa, Mastercard, JCB Credit Card, Debit Card or Bitcoin).

In my opinion, as a frequent user of PayPal, its sad to see them take this turn with their massive successful company. you would think that with all the  success they would be more open minded and more respectful about how people use their money without judging and putting restrictions. I am glad to see that other pay gateways are not following this practice and give the shopper the freedom to buy where he/she wants without being told that he is freak!


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  1. This is very stressing to hear. Paypal is pretty much my go to method of for purchasing online, so its frustrating to see them cut off sites from use because of some prudish mentality.

    I thought things were improving with that recent Valve decision on steam but it seems elsewhere things are getting stricter. 🙁

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