Two Onaholes for the price of one!

Gokusai Oterus Duo Onahole

Magic Eyes, one of the leading adult toy manufacturers from Japan, have recently released their newest addition to their successful Uterus Onahole collection – The Gokusai Uterus Duo.

I’m extremely excited about this one, because these innovative adult pleasure providers have designed a pocket pussy that has a fuckable hole at both ends. Why is that special, I hear you ask. Because each side has a differently designed internal pussy-replica pattern. It’s literally like getting two Onaholes for the price of one!

Gokusai Oterus Duo Onahole
The Gokusai Oterus Duo – One of the world’s first dual holed Onaholes.

As is the norm with Magic Eyes products, the box design is of high quality and the artwork hints that you are having a threesome with two sisters, an older and a younger one, with each hole of this male masturbator being a different sister. On the inside of one hole is a tight and ridged tunnel, and in the other, a curved, dotted tunnel – Each hole providing a very different kind of stimulation.

Gokusai Oterus Duo Pocket Pussy
Magic Eyes have designed this Onahole from no less than four different types of material with one of them making up the stretchy middle portion of this male sex toy.

One of the main reasons that I’m impressed with this double trouble pocket pussy is that Magic Eyes have managed to keep the design compact and portable – Which means that you can take these two lovely sisters wherever and whenever you please.

Have a preferred sister? – Then enjoy a session with her. Want to switch things up with the other sister mid session? – Then simply flip the Onahole around and get to work on her.

Gokusai Oterus Duo Male Masturbator
The Uterus Duo Onahole

The only possible problem I can see with this male masturbator is that having an open end design on both side introduces the possibility of giving yourself a facial as you climax – But don’t let that spoil the fun, after all, aren’t all good threesomes meant to be a bit chaotic and messy?

It will be interesting to see if this is just a gimmick, or if dual-holed, threesome style Onaholes are the next evolution in this great Onahole technological advancement race that we are currently witnessing.

Here is a quick run down of the product specifications for the Gokusai Uterus Duo: The Onahole is 150 mm long and weighs about 430g. One hole is 80mm (3”) in diameter and the other is 100mm (4”). The box also contains a small sample lubricant pack.

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