One Onahole to rule them all?

Meiki Sosei - Yuria Satomi clone Onahole

They say that money can’t buy your happiness. Well whoever said that has obviously never stuck their cock inside this brand new portable pocket pussy from NPG. They’ve really pushed the boat out on this dual layered, closed tunnel design Onahole.

Meiki Sosei Yuria Satomi No Kinchaku - Onahole
Full Japanese name: Meiki Sosei Yuria Satomi No Kinchaku (Bit of a mouthful)

It’s modeled on the famous Japanese adult movie star, Yuria Satomi – And just by looking at the box, you can see that there is a high, almost obsessive, attention to detail that only a Japanese adult toy manufacturer such as NPG could pay. They continue to reach the high standards set by the previous Onaholes in their Meiko Sosei series.

Meiki Sosei Yuria Satomi No Kinchaku - Pocket Pussy
Here is a photo of the beautiful Yuria posing proudly with her pussy imitation.

The stylish box of this male masturbator lists all of the important assets of the beautiful Yuria Satomi, from her date of birth and height, to her breast cup size, and most importantly, the dimensions of her pleasurable pussy that this very Onahole is modeled upon. There are also some sexy photos of Yuria included in the box.

This Onahole was made with the professional help of a rather prominent beauty physician in Japan, Dr Masaki Honda, who specializes in female genitalia – and you can tell. The shape, texture and attention to detail of this imitation pussy is astonishing, and as soon as I opened the box and pulled it out, I couldn’t wait to give it a try.

The box features photos of the actual pussy modeling process, along with photos of Yuria alongside Dr Masaki looking very proud of himself – As he should with a final product of this quality.

Meiki Sosei Yuria Satomi No Kinchaku - Male Masturbator

The actual Onahole itself feels sturdy with a dual layered design that ensures you can confidently have your way and that it can handle repeated use-and-abuse. It weighs around 600 grams which makes it truly portable – as every portable pussy should be. This Onahole does exactly what it was designed to do – It gets you off and it feels very good! It’s tight, and you can literally feel the quality and attention to detail as you penetrate it – It’s art in male masturbator form – Yuria is the beautiful subject and Dr Masaki is the artist.

The Meiki Sosei Onahole has now enveloped my cock multiple times and eased its way in as a firm favorite amongst my list of all time greatest Onaholes, and I just love thrusting away at Yuria’s tight, warm, pleasure-giving hole.

Meiki Sosei Yuria Satomi No Kinchaku - Male Sex Toy
Yuria Satomi’s pussy clone

Whether you’re an Onahole connoisseur, or it’s your first time delving into the world of the pocket pussy, this Meiki Sosei Onahole is a reliable choice that is sure to get you off again and again.

Thank you Yuria Satomi, Dr Masaki and NPG for making this masterfully-made male masturbator.

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