Fella & Fuck gives you two holes for the price of one

Surely everyone’s seen that advert where a family is trying to decide between soft taco shells and hard taco shells, yeah? And then the little girl shrugs her shoulders, proclaiming “why not both” before everyone tosses her into a cactus whilst cheering. It’s a classic.

Maybe it even reached Japan, as Enjoy Toys found themselves asking the exact same thing. Why not both?

This obviously lead to the creation of Fella & Fuck, an onahole which gives you a mouth on one end and a vagina on the other. Finally. If you think about it, this is spot on with the dilemma of having to choose between sex with a soft taco shell and a hard taco shell.

Fella & Fuck must have done pretty well for Enjoy Toys then, as they’ve just launched a new version amazingly titled Fella & Fuck: Bitchibichi Idol.

… The fuck is BITCHIBICHI? It is a mystery that will likely never be solved. However the girl on the packaging is apparently a ‘professional judge of microphones’ idol. Good. Good that clears everything up.

So you’d better shove your microphone in there then. Mouth of vagina – the possibilities are endless.

While this idea has kinda been done before, the best part about Fella & Fuck: Bitchibichi Idol is that the onahole actually contains two different tunnels for both holes. Most of the time they just share the same one. Like a real person.

Enjoy Toys say the material is vastly improved over the previous model, which is something you’d expect but hey. Perhaps it is made of cactus.

Fella & Fuck: Bitchibichi Idol is out now.

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