‘Smell of Married Woman’s Breast Milk After Birth’ is certainly a thing alright

2016 has been absolutely massive for the niche smell fetish business, and it’s all thanks to an unlikely partnership between ABK and OSC (eroge game publishers) along with ExE (sex toy manufacturer) somehow all getting together to make… various smells?

Until now the art of bottled scents had been dominated by Tamatoys, but these new guys have been pumping out releases at a staggering rate. Seems whatever doesn’t kill them at the testing facility instantly gets mass-produced. Hell, they’ve released no less than four things all based on a school girl’s sweat. Options!

But the best thing about all this is their willingness to go to extremes, exploring scents which are LASER FOCUSED on incredibly specific kinks.

Take the recent release of Smell of Married Woman’s Breast Milk After Birth, complete with themed lube (and an onahole, which is handy!)

Naturally already sold out on Amazon.jp

It’s mostly the name that gets me, and this follows stuff like The Smell of the Elder Brother’s Wife’s Stockings and Scent of a Woman’s Groin Before She Got MarriedNo room for error here, these bottles of liquid have some serious lore behind them.

Before who wants to smell her AFTER she’s married, am I right?

I love it. Makes me wonder what they have in store for next year. ‘Smell of a girl who just ate a piece of unmarried toast for breakfast and might go outside in a few minutes to catch the bus to groin town’?

That’d be hot as fuck.

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