Top 5 Best Mini Torso Onaholes

Welcome potential mini-torso onahole users. This is my roundup of the very best in terms of price, quality and experience.

Just to explain, as the terms used to describe male masturbator toys can get a little confusing due to different stores and users describing them differently. By “mini-torso”, I mean it almost literally – as, in a torso, that is mini. So any toy that features a tummy and the hips, usually up to the chest, and sometimes a little more, was considered for this list. 

These mini-torso toys are nice because they add some visual stimulation as well as the physical, so if you are a visual person or simply want a masturbator toy that is in the shape of a torso, these toys are worth looking at.

So here it is – 

The Top 5 Best Mini Torso Onaholes

Goku Hida Virgin 1100

A 1.1 kgs virgin-themed onahole by G-Project.

The Goku Hida Virgin 1100 Onahole is the perfect recreation of a young Virgin Body. This beautiful little Girl comes with 1100 Grams of weight and has a very meaty and heavy feeling to it. Her perky round breasts are fun to grab and play with during your session. Made with G-Project’s Grow Up Skin material, does the Goku Hida Virgin 1100 feels very soft, smooth and realistic, just like a Young Girl should be. Her ass is nice and round and her Pussy is nicely shaped. The inside has a rich textured and long curvy tunnel. The texture gives an intense and tight stimulation on your way down this tunnel of pleasure till you reach the vacuum chamber which gives you a nice finish. Conveniently the Goku Hida Virgin 1100 Onahole also comes with a cleaning stick and a free pack of lubricant.

Sujiman Kupa CoCoLo

A 2.4 kgs loli-themed onahole by Magic Eyes.

Coming in at a staggering 2.4kg and made from silky smooth skin-like material, the Sujiman Kupa CoCoLo onahole perfectly recreates the innocent look and sexy charm of a younger Japanese girlfriend. Complete with a focus on puffy vagina lips, a plump little belly and petite perky breasts, this torso onahole from Magic Eyes is everything you could want to complete your dreams. Dive inside and you’ll find both her vagina and anus ready and waiting for a pounding. The tunnels are made from different material to match their real-life feeling, and connect together at the end to create a powerful suction effect. She’ll make your head spin (both of them!). This design also makes cleaning her much easier. The perfect young Japanese girlfriend experience any way you want her. If you are more info a softer experience we recommend the Sujiman Kupa CoCoLo SE.

Unreal Body

A 940 gram onahole by Magic Eyes made with their “unREALSkin materials.

The Unreal Body Onahole from Magic Eyes is like a large Torso Sex Doll in a mini format. Made by their original UnREALSkin material which feels hyper realistic and smooth. Specially outstanding are the big breasts the Unreal Body has which are nice to play with, the Nipples are wonderful perky. Next to the Pussy, it looks real, very Real and the moment you enter the Unreal Body onahole you feel like in heaven. The inside is made with a dual layer structure which wraps around your Dick the deeper you go, with an intensifying vacuum. The size and weight are increasing the experience by a lot compare to regular onaholes. Enjoy the Unreal Body Onahole in various positions, hold her perky Breasts and curvy body in your hands. This Lady feels very REAL.

Taimanin Shiranui Mizuki Youen Miboujin

A 600 gram onahole by PPP based on the Taimanin RPG series.

Based on the hentai anime series Taimanin have PPP and LiLiTH teamed up again to bring you the Taimanin Shiranui Mizuki Youen Miboujin onahole. This busty and meaty male masturbator comes in at 600 Grams and is a real beast for a medium sized onahole. We have a wonderful detailed sculptured little Torso, in the typical Taimanin design with some nice round tits to play. The entrance shows a sexy little camel toe, guiding you to the internals where the action really starts. Made with a durable and stretchable single layer design, the Taimanin Shiranui Mizuki Youen Miboujin onahole is as wild as the Anime and Games are. About the first half is a tight curved tunnel with wavy textured walls. As you proceed, you pass tight rings which giving some intense pressure on your member, just to finish you off in a vacuum chamber that really deserves its name. Due to the size and weight, the Taimanin Shiranui Mizuki Youen Miboujin onahole easily can take in well hung members without any problems. Are you ready for your Taimanin adventure? Give her all you got!

Internal Structure of a Moe Body / Kaitai Shinsho

A 2kg onahole by Magic Eyes featuring an inner ‘rib cage’ structure.

The original innovator, Magic Eyes Internal Structure of a Moe Body onahole includes a simulated rib cage inside the actual onahole for added realism. Featuring perfectly massive breasts to fondle (don’t be afriad to tease her nipples) and a slim, sexy torso, the Internal Structure of a Moe Body onahole is begging for you to spread her lips. Her vagina is tight and clingy, emulating the intense sensation of a girl riding you as her body slams down. The bone structure within adds pressure to her vaginal walls as you slide through. It’s as if she’s actually reacting and twitching in pleasure. The onahole is large enough to be used in multiple positions, it’s up to your imagination! There’s even an easy option to increase or decrease the amount of air pressure allowed inside the onahole via a special ‘coin’ placed at the top of the onahole’s body. A bonus bottle of powder is also included to help keep her baby soft skin feeling as fresh as possible. There’s also a soft version of this onahole.

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