Ju-C 7 Onahole – Review

Ju-C 7 – A Stimulating Handheld Male Masturbator by G-Project

  • Product: Ju-C 7 Onahole
  • Maker: G-Project
  • Measurements: Weight: 285 Grams / Dimensions: 160 x 55 mm
  • Link: Shop (affiliate link)

Hello, my fellow horny people and degenerates around the world, and welcome to another review of a male masturbator from Japan, more commonly known as onaholes. 

Today, I am reviewing the Ju-C 7 Onahole by G-Project – the seventh addition to their Ju-C range of handheld pocket pussies, known for their somewhat simple designs, but packing complex tunnel designs capable of providing some serious stimulation. 

The Box / Packaging

The great thing about G-project box designs is that they (mostly) always commission a different artist for the artwork. The artists are all Japanese hentai artists as fas as I am aware, which is a nice touch from G-Project supporting the community. All of the boxes in the Ju-C onahole range feature a different anime-style girl, and a bit of a different style. 

This new Ju-C 7 onahole now has one of my favourite illustrations from the range (this and the Ju-C 3 artwork, because I have a thing for maids). The girl has huge tits, a mischievous “come fuck me” look on her face, and she’s displaying her panties for all to enjoy while clutching the Ju-C 7 onahole between her breasts. Oh, she’s a fiery redhead too…what is not to like?

The box also has a decent colour scheme and fonts, and it’s about the right size for the onahole it contains – no stupidly over-excessive box space here. Another great thing about G-Project and their onaholes is that they often come with a storage pouch which is sealable and made from strong plastic, so it can keep your toy safe and dry, and therefore prolong the usability life of it. The pouch is, obviously, comes inside the box, along with a small pack of lubricant that is just about sufficient for one use. 

The Onahole

The Ju-C 7’s shape and exterior design are rather simple. It comes in the shape of a capsule with a large rib surrounding the entrance side about a fifth of the way in, which slightly improves grip and handling when using the toy. Probably the most striking thing about this onahole is its pale-whitish translucent colour, which enables you to see the black part of the inner tunnel inside, and also observe yourself inside as you penetrate it. This adds a nice touch of visual stimulation, which some will appreciate more than others.

The exterior of the Ju-C 7 has a lightly powdered coating which helps keep the toy safe and protected. It does smell slightly when you first take it out of the box, but it fades eventually, and it is not an overbearing scent.

The inner tunnel of the Ju-C Seven is rather complex and difficult to explain in words alone, but I shall try nonetheless. The entrance hole is a simple small circle, and behind that, in the first half of the tunnel, there is a softer gel-like structure. This structure is in the shape of a triangle with three sidewalls.

These sidewalls are made up of a bibbed texture throughout, yet also have three built-in cone-shaped columns running along each. In the second half of the tunnel, there is a chamber with a spiralling texture along the outer walls, and then finally at the end, there is one more chamber that is covered in protruding bumps. If all that is a little difficult to visualise, I suggest you study the picture further above to get a better idea of the complexity of the inner tunnel.

The Feel

The Ju-C 7’s sensations are quite nice. The tunnel is snug and compact, and the stimulation is very good. Despite the complex inner tunnel design, the experience is not super intense, just nice and smooth throughout. You have to be careful not to over or under-lubricate it and make sure to squeezer the excess air out to get the vacuum sucking properly, but once that is done, you’re in for a pleasant experience.

Because the quality of G-Project’s toys is so high, and this one is no different, you can use them confidently and pretty roughly if desired without too much fear of tearing. The handheld smaller size of this pocket pussy makes using it a breeze, almost as easy as using your hand, except the stimulation is much much better.


The Ju-C 7 Onahole is definitely a premium, well-made masturbator toy in terms of build quality and durability. This thing will last you for multiple months, and perhaps even a year of use if you maintain it well. The quality of the materials is superb as is the box design.

The stimulation is also very good. Not amazing, but good enough to give you strong finishes. A lot is going on in the inner tunnel, but nothing particularly stands out – it all just sort of blends into one sensation throughout, but it feels very nice nonetheless. 

The price of the Ju-C 7 is a little on the higher side, especially compared to similarly sized toys. Factor in the build quality and the long-term capabilities and the stimulation of this onahole though, again, especially compared to similarly-sized toys, and that price doesn’t look too bad at all.

The Ju-C 7 Onahole is available here


  • + Convenient size
  • + Superb stimulation
  • + Good build quality


  • – A little pricey for its size

Rating 8/10

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