Virgin Matchless Onahole – Review

Virgin Matchless Onahole – A Virgin Type, Mini-torso Handheld Male Masturbator by Fillworks

  • Product: Virgin Matchless Onahole
  • Maker: Fillworks
  • Measurements: Weight: 343 Grams / Dimensions: 150 x 70 mm
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Gather round onahole fans for I have something special for you today. 

The Virgin Matchless Onahole is a mini-torso, virginal-ninja-assassin-themed male masturbator with not just one, but seven tight hymens within its inner tunnel, That’s quite a theme, and an interesting tunnel gimmick which will intrigue those of you with a hymen (virgin) fetish. 

Virgin Matchless Onahole by Fillworks

The Virgin Matchless Onahole is made in Japan by Japanese adult toymaker, Fillworks who are a bit of a smaller, lesser-known company. It’s the first toy of theirs that I have tried and the first to be reviewed here on The Onahole Blog.

The Box / Packaging

The box design is presented in a hentai manga style. It features a nice illustration of a sexy female ninja who is mostly naked and has great tits. She is clutching her sword and is standing in a ninja stance, giving us a good view of her hips and figure. Her vagina is covered up by a samurai helmet, unfortunately, but the image is very appealing nonetheless. 

Inside the box, you’ll find the toy sealed in a plastic bag, and with a small pack of lube. The lubricant is laughably minuscule, but it should carry you for one use of the toy. 

The Onahole

The outside of the Virgin Matchless Onahole is in the shape of a female torso, thought obviously very scaled-down as it’s just a handheld toy. It’s surprisingly high quality for its price and is on par with other more expensive mini-torso male masturbators made by more well-known makers. There are a few nice touches on the exterior design such as tummy shape, breasts, back shape and the big butt at the back. 

It’s very soft and smooth on the outside. Mine had a few small wrinkles on it from the way it was sitting in the box, but nothing too drastic. The material has a tendency to collect dust and dirt, so be careful where you store it and how you use it – no fucking it on the floor unless dirt and dust do it for you, I guess? 

The inner tunnel of the toy is made from a separate material that is slightly firmer, and better for providing stimulation to your member. Inside that inner tunnel, seven hymens are running throughout, all varying in tightness and thickness. The first is just behind the entrance and then they others make up the rest of the tunnel until finally there is one last hymen at the end that leads to a small chamber. 

The toy is just over 340grams grams so it has some decent weight to it. It’s just a little less than 6 inches in length. 

The Feel

The feel of the Virgin Matchless and its seven hymens is very superb and comparable to more expensive toys of similar design. The hymens provide the stimulation of penetrating a tight hole, seven times, so I guess it was bound to feel good.

It does take a fair bit of lubricant to get it going and at its peak pleasure-providing abilities though as each of the seven rings and chambers needs to be lubed so that you can easily slide through them all. You’ll especially want more lube of you to want to perform hard and deep strokes rather than slow and steady. 

When the toy is lubed up and you have a good rhythm going, that inner tunnel really gets to work massaging your cock and can lead to very strong finishes. The weight and size of the toy are also perfect for one-handed strokes or two-handed if you want to get your hands around this little ninja’s curvy torso.


This Virgin Matchless is a superb onahole that is capable of providing superb stimulation which is actually quite surprising considering that it’s a little cheaper to similar toys. 

Cleaning this onahole takes a little effort, but nothing too annoying, just a little finger prodding around for a while. If you have proper onahole cleaning accessories, it will be a little easier. The super-soft exterior material does make it susceptible to getting creased which shows up in the skin texture, so you will want to bear this in mind when storing it. I wouldn’t put the thing on top of its storage container or put it in a cramped place if you care about the toy looking and feeling smooth. 

Reading some of the reviews of other users who have used this onahole over longer periods, it does seem that the inner hymens lose a little of their hardness after a while, which results in a little milder stimulation. Although, these reviews did say that it is still enjoyable and usable, just not at the level as the first ten to twenty uses. I guess nothing good lasts forever. 

Considering the nice price that the Virgin Matchless is available for, and the superb virgin-themed stimulation it provides, it’s definitely a worthy contender if you’re looking for a new mini torso toy. It holds its own when compared to similar, more expensive toys and even out-performs a few of them with its stimulation. 

The Virgin Matchless Onahole is available here


  • + Good price
  • + Superb stimulation


  • – Requires a fair bit of lubricant to use and enjoy
  • – Cleaning is a little frustrating due to the seven-hymen tunnel

Rating 8/10

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