Puni Ana ROID 2 Electric Masturbator – Review

Puni Ana ROID 2 Review – An Electric (Automatic) Masturbator by EXE

  • Product: Puni Ana ROID 2
  • Maker: EXE
  • Measurements: Weight: 635 Grams / Dimensions: 240 x 85 x 85 mm
  • Link: Shop (affiliate link)

Good news for you robosexuals out there (yes, that’s a thing) because EXE have just dropped a futuristic-looking robo-pussy that masturbates you automatically by use of its inner “piston. Also, great news if you’re lazy like me and sometimes just want to cum with the minimal effort possible. 

The Puni Ana ROID 2 is an ‘electric masturbator’ edition to EXE’s popular Puni Ana range of onaholes and also the follow up to the popular and original Puni Ana ROID. I haven’t tried the original myself, but I’ve heard some good things, as well as a few things that could be improved, so I was excited when otonaJP offered me this just-released ROID 2 for review. 

The Box

The box that the Puni Ana ROID 2 comes in is nicely designed with a striking colour combination of black, yells and pink. The best thing, however, is, of course, the famous Puni Ana blonde-haired girl who is featured on all of the Puni Ana toy boxes and drawn by popular artist, Maruku. On this box, she is wearing a tight black, futuristic-looking leotard that conveniently exposes her absolutely huge round tits. She is also clasping the Puni Ana ROID 2 in her hand. On the sides and back of the box, there a few images of what features the Puni Ana ROID has and ways to enjoy it. 

Inside the box, the masturbator comes in a plastic tray along with the inner sleeve, a pair of earphones for listening to the built-in audio feature, a suction cup base for sticking it to a flat surface for “hands-free” use, a top cover, a small pack of standard lubricant, and a USB cable for charging.

There’s also an instruction booklet with English instructions which is nice as Japanese toy makers don’t usually bother with translations even though international sales count for an increasing portion of the Japanese sex toy market. Perhaps we may see this more commonly in future?

The Onahole

The Puni Ana ROID 2 has a quite a unique look (other than the original) and it looks nothing like your typical onahole. It has a sleek black design and I think I prefer it to the original’s white colour, even though I have never seen it physically, it just seems to look better. That is a matter of personal preference though and obviously doesn’t affect the masturbation experience much.

The masturbator casing is made from hardened plastic. It seems sturdy enough to handle being used the way it was intended but I’d take care not to put too much pressure on any parts as they are capable of snapping off. There’s a sort of window on the side which is a transparent plastic enabling you to see inside, which is useful both for when you’re fitting or cleaning the inside, or you just want to observe what the hell is happening when you push the on-button and what you’re about to insert your penis into. 

The inner sleeve is removable which makes it easy to clean and lubricate. I guess it’s also replaceable once it is worn out, but as of yet, I’m not sure where you would purchase a replacement. Perhaps certain stores will offer them in future. The material is soft and stretchy and the inner tunnel is made up of various ribs, nubs and other textures throughout that are intended to provide a “360-degree” stimulation sensation to your member. The design of the inner sleeve and its elasticity allow it to be manipulated by the massagers within the ROID 2.

The ROID 2 features seven different vibration patterns and seven different massage patterns, which means it has, in theory, 49 different combinations of patterns in total. The patterns vary from weak to more intense, so you can adjust them to your needs. The motor inside isn’t too noisy on the lower settings, which is very nice, although I still wouldn’t want to use this with someone in the next room as they’d probably hear and wonder what you’re up to. The more powerful settings are a little noisier, however.

The Puni Ana ROID 2 also comes with a removable suction-cup base which you use to stick the masturbator to any smooth flat surface. The angle can be adjusted so that you can enjoy the toy essentially handsfree. It’s doable and I did try it on my desk for a bit, but I just ended up holding it in my hand for a bit more control of the action. If you’re really feeling like not putting in much work though, you might make more use of this base than myself. 

The ROID 2 can be charged by the accompanying USB cable by any standard USB port. It takes a couple of hours to reach full-charge, at which point the indicator lights on the front will remain lit to tell you that is complete. 

The ROID 2 comes with 10 minutes of sex talk and noises, which can be listened to by using the earphones that come with it, or the small speaker built into the toy. I suggest you make sure that no housemates are in close proximity is you don’t want to explain what the strange sex noises coming from your bedroom were. The audio is spoken in Japanese by a lady with a sultry and sexy voice. She talks about the things you should do to her and also makes moaning noises. It’s alright for a couple of uses I suppose, but it does get a little off-putting sometimes – luckily, you can turn the audio off by the touch of a button. 

The Feel

A full charge of the Puni Ana ROID 2 lasts for around 30 minutes, which is sufficient for a session (or more if you’re a quick finisher) unless you want a really long edging session, in which case an automatic masturbator is probably not the most effective aid anyway.

The masturbator will need a generous amount of lubricant applied to the inner sleeve to work at its optimum. When it is lubricated properly, though, it does feel very nice. The inner tunnel feels snug and works well with the massagers inside to apply pressure to your member from multiple angles simultaneously. The best thing about it is not having to put in much effort if you don’t want to – the automatic action is sufficient to lead you to a climax. If you want to make the session more intense, you can use it with a stroking action like a normal onahole to apply another level of stimulation that can feel much better.

If you want to slow things down, you can also turn the motor off and just use the sleeve as a normal onahole also. Together with the various strength settings, there are lots of options to control how fast or slow you want the action to be.

Overall, the stimulation that the ROID 2 is capable of providing is very good and definitely outperforms the average non-electronic onahole. The loud motors can be a little off-putting when you have it on a higher setting, which can detract from the experience – but you can always plug in the headphones and listen to that 10 minutes of horny android sex talk to guide you along. 


Considering that the Puni Ana ROID 2 is available for under $100 at the time of writing (with otonaJP) and that other similar electronic masturbators from manufacturers both in and outside of Japan usually sell for a lot more, this is actually a superb deal if you’re looking for an automatic masturbator. 

The build quality is pretty good. You have to be a little careful not to snap any of the plastic inner casing when removing the inner components for cleaning, but once you get the knack of opening it properly, that shouldn’t really be a problem. The masturbator is very easy to clean and lubricate, and the top cover is useful for keeping it dry and dust-free.

The features it comes with such as audio and the adjustable base (whether you prefer to use it or not) are nice extras that even some more expensive automatic masturbator options don’t have. The stimulation is also very nice and once you’ve tried an automatic masturbator such as this one, you might not want to go back to normal onaholes. Sure, setting things up and cleaning all the inner components is a little more fiddly than a standard onahole, but the hands-free and minimal-effort stimulation given by this robo-pussy is worth it.

The Puni Ana ROID 2 Electric (Auto automatic) Masturbator is available here.


  • + Good minimal-effort and hands-free stimulation
  • + Nice price for an electronic masturbator of this quality
  • + Lots of extra features and great box design to top it off


  • – A little more fiddly to set up and clean than non-electronic onaholes
  • – Can get a bit noisy which can detract from the experience and potentially alert housemates to what your android-penetration sessions

Rating 9/10

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