Smooth and Flat Girl’s Laboratory Kori Kori Hard by EXE x Alice Japan, HER SISTER IS HARD AS A ROCK!

Well we are back reviewing another ExE product, lets see if they improved with Kori Kori Hard compared to Purutoror Soft. First of all, you all know I like the Onahole overall external and internal design, in theory it should feel amazing. However, the soft version of this Onahole was left to be desired and the stimulation wasn’t as good as most other Onaholes I’ve tried.

My first time Use:

So the Box brings one Onahole and one lube tube by Excellent. The Onahole was well packaged and while taking it out of the bag I didn’t notice any damages, just the fact this one also has an extremely small hole. The question now is how does it pair up again the Purutoro soft? Well… at first… it wasn’t all that bad, BUT! if you want to workout while you’re masturbating then get ready because that’s what going to happen. the pressure within the Onahole combine with my dick was almost enough for the Onahole to fly out of my hands as I entered it. I did feel the intended stimulation from the sleeve but the pressure made the whole experience just a bother, by half way of the session I was already kind of bored with it. The fact I had to use sometimes both hands to even keep her in place and sometimes it felt like if I was going to bend my fucking dick!

I felt her alright… but the fact that the material is so hard just made the whole experience unpleasant, minus well just take two rocks and use it as a cock sleeve. I didn’t have fun using this one, My dick got limp by the end of it because I was more focus on keeping the Onahole on my dick then enjoying the pleasure. I don’t know what ExE and Alice Japan were thinking when making this, for who was this Onahole? masochist? Overall, an horrible fap session yet again, I had to use one of my older Onaholes just to get that feeling off my dick…

I give Smooth & Flat Girl’s Laboratory Kori Kori Hard by EXE x Alice Japan a 4/10 

+ beautiful design

+ you feel the stimulation

– horrible handling

– to hard for my taste

– extremely annoying to clean


In conclusion, sure Purutoro is small and barely has any stimulation, but its usable and snug in the hand. Kori Kori however, is just unusable In my opinion, it turns off the mood and it isn’t a good Onahole in general. If you are into a bit of pressure in your fap sessions then this one is for you.

You can get the “Smooth and Flat Girl’s Laboratory Kori Kori Hard” here from if you are interested in purchasing her.

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  1. Great review. I’m not personally a big fan of hard substances, so i don’t think i would enjoy this onahole much myself either. 🙁

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