The Men’s Max – TRYFUN. This Onahole means business!

Japanese manufacturers have been leading the way in cutting edge design in electronic devices for years now. They make some of the best TV’s, smartphones, tablets, gaming systems etc; each designed with great emphasis placed on satisfying the customer.

Well this trend is no different when it comes to designing Onaholes, as you may already know if you read this blog regularly. Onaholes that are made in Japan are the best on earth!

I wonder if there’s a race of horny aliens somewhere out there with technology far superior to ours who have created the ultimate masturbator?

Now, one of the most popular and successful Japanese Onahole creators, “Men’s Max”, have decided to see just how far they can push this notion.

Enter the “TRYFUN”, an Onahole that was designed with the sole purpose of sucking every last ounce of cum that is hiding in the darkest corners of your nut-sack.

The new TRYFUN designed by Men’s Max.
Or as I like to call it, The robo-pussy!

Men’s Max have really branched out with this one. While the majority of Onaholes are designed to look like a real pussy; This one looks like some kind of futuristic device, although I’m not exactly sure what.

If someone with zero Onahole knowledge happened to see this sitting on your desk at work, maybe they’d think it was some kind of space toothbrush, or the long lost kinky sister of Amazon’s Alexa; Which could be advantageous if you’d prefer to keep your love of Onaholes a secret!

(Leave a comment below and tell me what you think this unique Onahole looks like.)

It looks like a lot of serious time and consideration was put into the design of this male masturbator.

The portable TRYFUN is electronic powered and is charged by plugging it into a USB-C power source. Awesome!

The masturbation sleeve within this futuristic Onahole is removable and replaceable, which means that it is both easy to clean and easy to refresh once the old sleeve has begun to show signs of wear and tear.

The TRYFUN’s removable inner-sleeves are removable and easy to clean.

If that hasn’t already wet your portable pocket pussy appetite, it also has four different modes that vary in speed and intensity, which is a marvellous way to keep your sessions diverse and special.

The TRYFUN creates a vacuum that helps to increase the intensity of your robo-pussy supplied climax

I’m greatly enthusiastic about this Onahole. If it lives up to the hype that it is currently creating among Onahole enthusiasts, and the things I’m hearing from the current TRYFUN owners in Japan, it could be the only Onahole you’ll ever need again.

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