Virgin Bride Onahole – Review

Virgin Bride by maccos Japan

  • Product: Virgin Bride
  • Maker: maccos Japan
  • Measurements: Weight: 490 Grams / Dimensions: 160 x 85 x 80 mm
  • Link: Shop (affiliate link)

Everyone looks forward to the day of their dream wedding. For both men and women they think of the beautiful bride all dressed in white, the color of purity. At the back of their mind though they’re also thinking about their first night together in bed where you both finally lose your virginity. With the Virgin Bride toy you can both “lose your virginity” as much times as you want.

This is the second “Virgin Onahole” developed by macoss Japan, the first being their innocent virgin lolita with an immersive feeling onahole.

The Box / Packaging

The box is simple as it displays a picture of your Virgin bride and the features of the onahole.

The onahole does come very protected though. Not only is it wrapped in a plastic bag but a harder plastic protects the outside. You don’t want a damaged bride after all. It comes with one tube of single use macoss lube with their cat girl mascot.

The Onahole

This onahole comes in at a slightly longer size than a normal onahole at 16 cm (6.3 inches) so it can certainly give even the more well endowed person more pleasure by going all the way. You certainly have a “thicc bride” though as the onahole weighs in at 17.2 ounces (1.08 pounds). With that heavier onahole you’ll feel more natural sliding up and down the toy.

The outside is pretty normal with nothing to make it different or stand out from another onahole. The color on the outside is your standard flesh color.

What makes this onahole special is the “virgin flap” on the inside of it. To give you the feel of penetrating a virgin there’s a flap inside that is down in the normal position that you’ll feel with the tip then it flips up, breaking aka the virgin hymen, once you go past it.

The Feel

What you want to feel when you enter a virgin is something fresh and tight that will wrap all around you. This is certainly true with the Virgin Bride onahole. With so many different areas with tight corners to move and adjust into, different inner linings, and don’t forget that special flap you’ll find that “virgin experience” every time you use the onahole.

With it’s longer shape and heavier weight you’ll find it easier to grab a hold of to use and give it that more realistic feel when moving it up and down. You’ll enjoy the night every night exploring every inch of your Virgin Bride to find out what makes you feel the best.


The Virgin Bride is great for those who want a different feeling to get that “honey moon” experience with a virgin as you can experience a different part of it through your hand manipulating the shape of the onahole and where you place your manhood. Although with the many protrusions and corners you will need to thoroughly clean around to make sure your “bride” is fresh for every use. 

The Mouth of Truth Perorin Tight Throat Hard Type can be bought here.


  • + Innovative flap
  • + Multiple areas to explore to keep getting that “virgin experience” feel of doing something previously unexplored.
  • + Even for the well endowed you’ll find it easier to use with this longer and heavier onahole


  • Not easy to clean
  • The outside is plain with nothing to stand out

Rating 8/10

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