Otome no Chiniku – Sujiman Kupa Evolution – Review

Otome no Chiniku – Sujiman Kupa Evolution – A Virgin (Camel-toe) Themed Male Masturbator by Magic Eyes

  • Product: Otome no Chiniku – Sujiman Kupa Evolution
  • Maker: Magic Eyes
  • Measurements: Weight: 625 Grams / Dimensions: 170 x 75 mm
  • Link: Shop (affiliate link)

Another month into the crazy year that is 2020, and yet another onahole release from top Japanese male sex toy maker, Magic Eyes. That’s okay though because they have some great momentum at the moment, with all of their more recent releases being absolutely top-notch being great value for money, durable, and most importantly, feeling amazing wrapped around your cock. It seems that Magic Eyes have found the rubber pussy magic formula and keep on churning out hit after hot right now. I hope they keep it up because they are certainly setting high standards for the industry – which in turn, benefits us, the onahole-loving punters.

My most recent Magic Eyes onahole review was the Dokusen Nikukan: Exclusive Touch – a little break from the norm for them in terms of theme and toy shape, but a superb male masturbator none the less. 

Otome no Chiniku – Sujiman Kupa Evolution by Magic Eyes

Their most recent release, and this subject of this review, is the Otome no Chiniku – Sujiman Kupa Evolution – here – the “evolution” of their most popular series, the Sujiman Kupa virgin themed toys known for their absolutely huge and inviting camel toes. Let’s see if Magic Eyes can keep up their magic. 

The Box / Packaging

The artwork on the box of the Otome no Chiniku – Sujiman Kupa Evolution is done in the same anime style that Magic Eyes are known for. I think they’ve used the same artist for all of their recent releases, which is certainly not a bad thing as the work is amazing. 

The illustration is of a cute European-looking anime girl who seems to be from a historical period judging by her clothes. She’s cute and appealing and will probably make most onahole box fans happy.

Inside the box, the onahole comes in a large plastic tray that should keep the toy well protected and in good condition when you receive it. This is another thing that Magic Eyes does well with their recent releases. Of course, you want your toys to reach you in perfect condition. 

The onahole also comes with a standard pack of Magic Eyes lubricant which is good for the first use. Not great, but better than nothing. 

The Onahole

The Otome no Chiniku – Sujiman Kupa Evolution features a mini torso design comparable to the previous Sujiman releases. There is a cute tummy round hips and large surrounding pussy meat – the camel toe. The camel toe is actually not as large and pronounced on this one as it is on previous Sujiman releases. It’s actually quite flat, but it curves in the centre. There are no breast or nipples here, unfortunately – not even a mound for a chest, it’s just flat. The toy has a lolita look and feel to it. 

The material of the toy feels pretty much the same as the other toys in the series. Soft and squeezy, yet also firm and durable at the same time. It has a mass of 625 grams so it actually feels like you’re holding something which always adds to the experience. 

The inner tunnel lies behind the camel toe entrance, and ios entered by penetrating another smaller hole inside. The inside of the toy is made from a separate flesh-coloured pinky material which is soft and looks inviting when you open it up to peer inside. 

The inner tunnel is about 6 inches deep roughly and is very snug throughout. It features a unique X-shape design and is lined with various textures all around, running throughout the meandering tunnel.

Overall, the toy has a very high-quality feel and look, as we have come to expect from Magic Eyes in recent years.

The Feel

The Otome no Chiniku – Sujiman Kupa Evolution feels superb, just like the previous releases in the series. Everything snugly wraps around you right from the frob to the very back, and the x-shape design provides stimulation from every angle. 

The size and weight of the onahole allow it to be pumped quite vigorously if you wish, and the build quality of the toy gives you the confidence to dop so without fear of doing damage. 

If you have tried any of Magic Eyes previous Sujiman series of toys – or anything from them to be honest – you’ll know how good their toys are both in terms of build quality and feel. They’re the safe bet if you’re looking for a new toy – for both onahole beginners and onahole veterans. The Otome no Chiniku – Sujiman Kupa Evolution is no different and feels wonderful and is capable of providing great masturbation sessions.


Magic Eyes are really good at what they do, and they keep pushing, refining and perfecting with every release. Not saying this is their best release as that’s subjective and a matter of personal preference, but this and their recent release are simply the best male masturbators available. 

The Otome no Chiniku – Sujiman Kupa Evolution is further proof of this fact. The price of Magic Eyes onaholes is higher than some other options of similar size, but in their case, you absolutely do get what you paid for. Durability, comfortability, ease-of-use, nice box and an onahole that is amazingly stimulating. 

The Otome no Chiniku – Sujiman Kupa Evolution Onahole is available here


  • + Good size and weight
  • + Superb stimulation
  • + Durability and oozing with quality


  • – A little more expensive than some similar-sized toys from other makers

Rating 9/10

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