Cow Girl Onahole – Review

Cow Girl Onahole Review – A hentai fetish male masturbator by Toys Heart

  • Product:  Cow Girl Onahole
  • Maker: Toys Heart
  • Measurements: Dimensions – 140 x 75 mm / Weight – 375g
  • Link: Shop (affiliate link)

Dairy lovers, prepare for a milking because the Cow Girl Onahole by Toys Heart is 375g of prime penis pleasure meat based on a curvy cowgirl who obviously enjoys her dairy products.  

This unique onahole was inspired by cows, from the udder shaped exterior design just above the entrance to its inner tunnel that resembles cuts of thick steak. 

The Box

The box features a cute and voluptuous cowgirl on a farm wearing cow-themed panties, bra and stockings. She has cow ears, small horns, a small bell around her neck and huge tits. 

Cow Girl Onahole by Toys Heart Review - A Male Masturbator made in Japan
Cow Girl Onahole by Toys Heart

The artwork and overall box design is nice and neat with a colourful farm background and red text colours that pop. There are also a few references to the cow theme with bottles of milk, cows and cuts of beef. If you’re a fan of box design s or even a collector, then this one is worth considering adding to your collection. 

Cow Girl Onahole by Toys Heart Review - A Male Masturbator made in Japan

The onahole comes packaged in a plastic tray inside the box and accompanied by a small bottle of lubricant 

The Onahole

Visually, the onahole is fairly basic on the exterior with a smooth surface and a hot pink colour. The only noteworthy feature is a thick round bump just above the entrance that either resembles a tail, or an udder, or both – I’m not completely sure, but it’s somewhat cow-like. The entrance hole is also rather plain with a smooth oval shape.

Cow Girl Onahole Review

The onahole is medium-sized and measures 140m in length, but it has a lot packed into that small size. The toy is quite weighty at 375 grams and the inner walls surrounding the inner tube are thick with 3cms of material around the sides and 2cm towards the back that makes the toy super durable. 

The Cow Girl Onahole is made from Toys Heart’s “Virgin Skin” material. It’s soft, supple and bouncy while also being firm. 

The entrance hole is wide enough to allow easy access inside for lubricating, cleaning, and most importantly, fucking. The entrance leads to the tighter inner tunnel that is made up of various thick nubs and ribs throughout in alternating patterns.

There is also a larger chamber right at the end for creating a strong vacuum suction and depositing your love milk. 

The Feel

The Cow Girl is a premium onahole, from the box and onahole design to the stimulation and long term use it is capable of providing. And it feels like it too. You can feel the quality just holding it in your hand and squeezing it from the weight and springiness.

Cow Girl Onahole by Toys Heart Review - A Male Masturbator made in Japan

Once the onahole is lubed up, it provides awesome stimulation. The tunnel is a rather forgiving at the first section with just as series of nubs that provide steady sensations, but push further inside and it gets a little tighter due to the thick protruding ribs within that get more frequent to the toward the final third. Once your all the way in and the head of your penis is exploring the back chamber, most of your shaft will be entwined between various protrusions hitting from multiple angles. 

Cow Girl Onahole by Toys Heart Review - A Male Masturbator made in Japan

This Cow Girl is capable of providing nice and steady slow-paced sessions with big finishes, or fast and furious pump and dumps sessions for when you just want to cum as quickly as possible with minimum effort. Slow pumps hovering more around the first half are good for the slow session and long strokes with fast pumps for the quick ones. 


The Cow Girl Male Masturbator is a premium onahole by Toys Heartywith a premium price to match. It’s $36.36 at otonaJP at time of writing and that’s with their heavy discount making it half the price of Toys Heart’s RRP, so it’s not cheap for a medium-sized onahole. 

It is high quality and durable though and should last you a long time with proper care and use. The stimulation is good – not too hard and not too soft and the meaty innards provide nice sensations throughout. 

If you don’t mind throwing a bit more cash at a toy that will last a while then this penis-milking Cow Girl is a good choice. 

The Cow Girl Onahole is available here.

The Cow Girl Onahole


  • + Weighty, and sturdy for a medium-sized onahole
  • + Bottle of Lube
  • + Good stimulation 


  • – Basic outer design – which is only really negative if you prefer more interesting designs
  • – A little pricey compared to other toys of similar size

Rating 9/10

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