Sujiman Kupa EX Virgin Lolinco – Review

Sujiman Kupa EX Virgin Lolinco Review – A Virgin Themed Male Masturbator by Magic Eyes

  • Product:  Sujiman Kupa EX Virgin Lolinco
  • Maker: Magic Eyes
  • Measurements: Weight: 600 Grams / Dimensions: 180 x 90 x 80 mm
  • Link: Shop (affiliate link)

Good news for fans of Magic Eyes and their Sujiman (cameltoe) series of onaholes. They’ve released a new one and improved on the original releases by making this one not just virgin, but “extra” virgin. Introducing the Sujiman Kupa EX Virgin Lolinco.

Sujiman Kupa EX Review
The Sujiman Kupa EX Virgin Lolinco by Magic Eyes

I was excited when I first heard the news about this one. Even the name got my penis aroused pondering the potential future virgin-cameltoe ventures. The previous Sujiman onaholes are some of the best-reviewed in the Japanese sex toy industry with many (repeatedly) satisfied fans around the world.

The Sujiman Kupa EX Virgin Lolinco is a small-torso male masturbator, the same as the others in the series. It’s bigger than the original Sujiman Kupa Lolinco (here) but smaller than the awesome Sujiman Kupa Lolinco Virgo (here). 

The Box / Packaging

The box that the Sujiman Kupa EX Virgin Lolinco comes in is quite large. It features the same lolinco virgin bride character wearing a wedding dress as the other toys in the series, but she’s standing in a different pose on this one and also lifting up her dress to give us a glimpse of her white panties. 

Sujiman Kupa EX Lolinco

The surrounding box design is in some bridal dress type texture that reminds me of an old-style sheer curtain. This is not my favourite box that Magic Eyes have put out for one of their products, but it’s not bad I suppose. 

Inside the box, the onahole comes in a secure plastic tray and wrapped in a plastic bag. It also comes with a small pack of Magic Eyes lubricant. 

The Onahole

The exterior design of the Sujiman Kupa EX Virgin Lolinco is very similar to the design of the Virgo and the original lolinco apart from the size and the fact that the tits are a tiny bit bigger. It seems to have a slightly more mature shape than the aforementioned toys, but it is still very lolita-esque. 

It has the same big cameltoe though which is really one of my absolute favourite things about the Sujiman range. Not only does it look good, but it also adds to the stimulation and it’s satisfying to observe yourself sliding inside it. 

Sujiman Kupa EX Lolinco

The 600gram weight of this onahole and its medium size gives it a nice feel and the sensation of actually fucking something of substance, while still keeping a compact size making it simple to use and easy to store. The materials are also super soft and supple, but still seeming durable when stretched. The inner tunnel is made from a separate material to the exterior of the toy, but looking at the photos on the box, it actually looks more like a couple of materials, or different colours at least.

The inner tunnel design is intended to be “extra virgin” and so it features a tight entrance hole, and an inner tunnel that consists of even more tight rings, chambers and protrusions that surround your member from every angle. There’s all sort going on in there and also a hymen type ring a couple of centimetres in that accentuates the virginity-taking experience and add further stimulation. 

Sujiman Kupa EX Lolinco

The design is similar to the previous models in that it’s complex with various different stuff in there, but different in terms of the shape and textures used. At the end of the Sujiman Kupa EX Virgin Lolinco’s tunnel, there’s a somewhat large uterus that provides further virgin-like stimulation. It’s a little larger than the uteruses on the other onahole which is a good thing because they weren’t all that noticeable in my opinion previously. 

The Feel

I really liked the feel of the original Sujiman Kupa Lolinco and even more so that of the Virgo, but this Sujiman Kupa EX Virgin Lolinco is definitely my favourite. Everything just wraps around your shaft nice and snugly and there’s hardly any part of your length left unstimulated. From the large cameltoe doing its thing at the front to the multitude of flaps within the middle tube, and then to the uterus at the back that stimulates the head of your penis nicely – everything just feels good and no part is too overstimulating. 

Sujiman Kupa EX Review

Watching your self slide in and out is also a real pleasure as mentioned previously due to the large all-engulfing cameltoe and also the shape of the mini torso. Along with the quality feel of the materials, the size and the weight of the toy, the whole experience is superb. Magic Eyes are masters at making onaholes which is obviously why they’re one of the giants in the industry – and they seem to be improving on their designs – they still make duds occasionally, but this one is definitely a hit and I can see it being one of the best sellers from now on. 


The Sujiman Kupa EX Virgin Lolinco feels great, looks good and if fairly low priced for a premium, medium-sized onahole. The only real slightly negative thing I have to say about is that cleaning out the complex inner tunnel after use is a bit of a pain due to all the various chambers and crevices and the uterus at the end. A lot of poking around is required, so some kind of cleaning stick might help. Aside from that, though, this really is an excellent male masturbator that should provide you with hours of virginty-taking fun. 

Magic Eyes are masters at making onaholes which is obviously why they’re one of the giants in the industry – and they seem to be improving on their designs – they still make duds occasionally, but this one is definitely a hit and I can see it being one of the best sellers from now on. 

The Sujiman Kupa EX Virgin Lolinco Onahole is available here.


  • + Awesome stimulation
  • + Weighty and has a nice size
  • + Reasonably cheap considering size and quality


  • – A little bothersome to clean out the inner tunnel properly due to the complexity of it

Rating 10/10

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