Virgin Matchless Onahole – Review

Virgin Matchless Onahole – A Virgin Type, Mini-torso Handheld Male Masturbator by Fillworks Product: Virgin Matchless Onahole Maker: Fillworks Measurements: Weight: 343 Grams / Dimensions: 150 x 70 mm Link: Shop (affiliate link) Gather round onahole fans for I have […]

Blowjob Onaholes

Superb Fella 6 AIKA – Review

I recently got the chance to put my penis in the Superb Fella 6 AIKA, a JAV star blow-job onahole made by A-one Japan. It certainly looks the part, but how does it feel? […]


A Nice Comfy Home For Your Favourite Onahole

Tama Toys have recently released a product that will allow you to take your Onahole experiences to the next level. It’s called the “Insert Cushion Pillow DX” and it is designed to be used with […]


The Ultimate AIKA Pussy and Ass Experience

If you are a fan of Japanese porn, then you have no doubt heard of the famous adult actress, Aika, and very likely watched some of her films. She is popular for good reason, with a beautiful body and a superb talent for pleasuring men. NPG have released an Onahole that perfectly replicates Aika’s pussy and Ass. […]


One Onahole to rule them all?

They say that money can’t buy your happiness. Well whoever said that has obviously never stuck their cock inside this brand new portable pocket pussy from NPG. They’ve really pushed the boat out on this dual layered, closed tunnel design pocket pussy. […]



Soft on Demand just tweeted out the most cutest and sexiest Pikachu for “Lewd Animal of The Day” here is the clip 本日のどすけべ小動物😸電光石火⚡️⚡️⚡️@toda_makoto @ichigenya — SOD営業部 (@sod_eigyou) June 24, 2018 Toda Makoto and SOD Create […]