A Nice Comfy Home For Your Favourite Onahole

The Insert Cushion Pillow DX

Tama Toys have recently released a product that will allow you to take your Onahole experiences to the next level. It’s called the “Insert Cushion Pillow DX” and it is designed to be used with your favourite small to medium sized male masturbators.

Perfect for squeezing during and after a session.

Being both soft and cuddly, this pillow provides a comfortable and pleasurable experience and is perfect for squeezing and rubbing against as you fuck your preferred Onahole.

The main reason this pillow is a perfect addition for you Onahole collection is the selection of high quality and sexy character based covers available for it; characters such as schoolgirls, cheerleaders, and your favourite hentai anime idols.

The pillow will fit most small to medium sized Onaholes and pocket pussies.

Changeable covers are simply a great thing if you happen to be an Onahole collector like myself. Simply change the cover to match the type of Onahole you are using. For example, you can use an anal themed character cover with an anal Onahole or a schoolgirl cover with your tight virgin loli-onahole – The possibilities are pretty much endless! What a time to be alive.

Doesn’t look like much here, but with a nice cheerleader on hentai character cover, this can cushion can greatly improve your Onahole sessions.

The Insert Cushion Pillow DX is about 820mm by 420mm which makes it perfect for squeezing, cuddling or throwing around depending on what kind of mood you are in. It also features an adjustable strap to securely fasten your Onahole in place and avoid any annoying displacements and readjustments while your trying to have fun.

If you’re looking for a way to upgrade your Onahole experiences and want something better than the standard and unrealistically feeling blow-up type inserts on the market, the Insert Cushion Pillow DX is exactly what you need.

If you are interested in purchasing the Insert Cushion Pillow DX, please consider buying from one of our blog affiliates, Otonajp.com, and help us to support the blog. Thanks

The Insert Cushion Pillow DX

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