The Curvaceous Perfect Body DX Torso Onahole by Tama Toys

Onaholes are exceptionally good at accomplishing their aim of getting you off, but the basic hand held Onaholes are often nothing more than just a hole to put your cock in with little attention paid to to other assets of the female body other than a tight pussy.

The Perfect Body DX by Tama Toys

Sometimes, it’s nice to have something to hold onto and push up against as you’re being pleasured. Well that’s exactly what torso Onaholes were designed to provide; and what the ‘Perfect Body DX’ from Tama Toys provides especially well.

Weighing in at an impressive 10kg, and featuring a sturdy ‘elastic urethane skeletal muscle structure’, the Perfect Body DX is one serious torso Onahole that can take a pounding and a little rough treatment.

This Onahole has both an anal and vaginal hole.

This male masturbator has both an anal and a vaginal hole; the vaginal hole containing a series of tightly wrapped dges, bumps and grooves, and the anal hole containing an even tighter ribbed design.

Nice curves.

My favourite thing about the Perfect Body DX though is the curvaceous design, with its ample “G-cup” tits and ass that were both designed to be playfully fondled and groped.

Looks inviting!

If you want an Onahole that can be to held, groped, fondled, and moved around to take in multiple positions, then the Perfect Body DX is definitely a ‘perfect’ choice. Tama Toys sure know how to make Onaholes, and their torso versions are no exception. Combine the Perfect Body DX with some nice ladies underwear and you can have a great time tearing them of this torso pocket pussy and getting to work.

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