Taimanin Igawa Asagi Miseijuku no Bijo Onahole – Review

Taimanin Asagi Bijo Onahole Review

Taimanin Igawa Asagi Miseijuku no Bijo Onahole Review – A Male Masturbator by PPP, Based on Hentai Anime: Taimanin 

  • Product:  Taimanin Igawa Asagi Miseijuku no Bijo Hole
  • Sku: 対魔忍 井河アサギ 未成熟の美女ホール
  • Maker: PPP
  • Measurements: Dimensions – 150 x 90 x 70 mm / Weight – 540g
  • Link: Shop (affiliate link)

Today, we are going to plunge deep into the newest onahole by PPP that is based on the hentai anime series, Taimanin Yukikaze. 

It’s called the Taimanin Igawa Asagi Miseijuku no Bijo Hole. It’s not the first sex toy by PPP based on the character Asagi Igawa, but this one is a little is different due to the fact that it’s based on a more “immature” version of her. 

The Taimanin range by PPP has been quite popular partly due to the anime it’s based upon, and partly because of the quality and uniqueness of the toys themselves. So let’s see if PPP’s newest addition can follow the trend.

The Box

The box features a younger version of the voluptuous Asagi in her purple attire and clutching her sword ready to strike.

Taimanin Asagi Bijo Onahole Review

The packaging is quite large compared to the actual onahole, but to be fair, that’s a common marketing thing done by manufacturers to get people to buy their products. Potato chips anyone?

Anyway, fans of the Taimanin series will appreciate the box design and artwork. 

The Onahole

Inside the box are the toy and a small packet of lubricant. 

Taimanin Asagi Bijo Onahole Review

The onahole is a “real 3D’ type which means the outer material is shaped like the body of Asagi. It’s a small-sized torso that features perky tits and ass cheeks around the back. She is also wearing some martial arts attire that doesn’t completely cover the body, leaving her breasts, tummy and ass all on show. 

It looks very nice and having a curvy body to hold and fuck adds to the experience compared to using some of the more plain-looking onahole available – even if it is a very small body. The design mimics Asagi’s assets quite well. 

The toy is soft, yet firm and feels fairly weighty at 540grams.

Taimanin Asagi Bijo Onahole Review

The inner tunnel is a kind of winding tune consisting of lots of protruding nubs. The vaginal entrance is quite basic – it’s just a simple narrow slit. This along with the curved inner tunnel design makes it a little awkward to lube up and clean. 

The Feel

The entrance hole being quite narrow means that you’ll have to apply a fair amount of lube to this before it’s working at its best. 

Taimanin Asagi Bijo Onahole Review

The toy is quite big at 15cm in length but her body shape allows you to hold her quite nicely in one hand. Unfortunately, as there is no inner structure and the material is quite soft, you’ll soon forget that you’re supposed to be holding a body in your hand while, as it all just feels like one big blob of rubber while you’re balls deep inside

The tunnel offers some nice sensations while sliding inside and you can feel the protrusions slightly tickling and massaging your shaft. The way the tunnel is curved throughout also adds to the stimulation and you push the outer walls out to make space for your dick. 

The feeling is pretty consistent throughout the tunnel providing a nice even stimulation, but the narrow entrance hole adds something a little different.


If you have a large penis, I would avoid this one, you’ll probably end up tearing it sooner rather than later due to that small entrance tunnel. PPP says this small hole is to avoid lubricant leakage while using it, and there is some truth in that, it does keep the lube in, but it’s probably not worth sacrificing some of the durability for. 

Aside from the entrance hole, the rest of the toy seems quite durable though. If you’re average-sized or below, it’s a fairly nice toy – the tunnel is about 5 inches deep and it provides good stimulation.

This toy is a little more expensive compared to other onaholes of the same size, but you are paying for the 3D body design and the Taimain theme – If you’re happy to pay that bit more for these extras, then this ain’t a bad masturbator at all, and if not, there are cheaper options available without. 

Taimanin Igawa Asagi Miseijuku no Bijo Onahole is available here.


  • + Visually appealing
  • + Easy to hold
  • + Good stimulation


  • – A little difficult to clean and lubricate due to the narrow entrance hole
  • – The entrance hole is a little weak and will most likely tear if you’re on the larger side

Rating 8/10

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