Unknown actress has best AV in little sister parody!

While trying to find more JAV/Hentai that satisfy my fetishes I came across another skinny/petite JAV However, there isn’t much info on who the actress in this video. All I am going to say that isn’t appealing to this AV is the title, its so damn long! “We’re Here At The Home Of A Barely Legal Named Sakura Who Has Flat Titties And Caved In Nipples Who Lives With Her Grandpa Out In The Buttfuck Boondocks Of The Northern Kanto Region *He’s Receiving Government Assistance” yeah that is one long fucking title for an AV.

Content ID: ktky00012

I am tempted to say that the actress is Hana Hanasaki from the last video we talk about here on OnaholeBlog.com but her face is very different and they way she speaks is different too, but she could just be doing that for the sake of the parody.

she has such an adorable face I hope to see her more in AV’s

the AV was produced by the people over at Kitixx/Mousouzoku. This is a much check out if you are into the little sister play and small girl body type.

Get the digital video here over at R18 where they have a large collection of JAV and Hentai!


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