OtonaJP is Bringing in the Loli with these Awesome Dakimakuras

Sorry for the absence, Life has been hard the past few days but don’t worry now I am back to bring you more on what is up on the latest’s sex toys! However, we wont be reviewing or looking at a onahole product today, TODAY! we will be looking at two awesomely drawn dakimakura to satisfy your sick loli fetishes.

Presenting Hachiman Rena and Uzuki Yui, illustrated by the artists Usashiro Mani and Kedama Tamano.

the detail and the love for the drawings are easily seen and well illustrated by the artists. These are a bit pricey compared to other dakimakuras I’ve seen but for what you are getting Its honestly worth the price alone no to mention the fabric is comes in is top quality.

both dakimakuras are sized around 1600x500mm very standard for waifu pillows.

You can get yours over at OtonaJP just follow the links above!

Again guys a short spotlight for some dakimakuras I’ve been keeping an eye on for my wish list and wanted to share with you guys, also apologies for not posting frequently the past week. expect to see more stuff coming out soon!

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  1. I really love the second loli’s design. Especially how detailed the bare feet are. 🙂

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