Skinny Bitch Hana Hanasaki comes out with a surprisingly good AV this month!

I am a sucker for skinny girls, specially those like Hana Hanasaki. Mercury Studios put out her newest AV titled “Sunken Nipples On A Skinny, Skinny Bitch Hana Hanasaki” (h_1133honb00061). I actually enjoyed this AV, its run time is about 2 hours long featuring Hanasaki taking it in all her orifices, who would have know such a skinny girl was such a little slut *wink*.

The AV includes a few scenes of her with one male and the last one has her having a Three way, the others are a few torture type scenes (not really all to graphic) and one extra 1 on 1 scene.

she was very cute nipples that are well…. obviously sunken by the name of the title. This is her first AV starting in the month of June and she really gives off that school girl vibe with her cute and adorable face.

I cant wait to see more of Miss Hanasaki, she honestly on my top 5 small body frame JAV artists.

You can by her new AV on R18, great site to get the latest in JAV. or buy the physical copy over at OtonaJP.

Here are some more previews of her AV if you are still not convinced!


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  1. She looks amazing. I do love smaller asian girls. You should consider reviewing more JAVs.

    Also thanks for the R18 link. I’ve been wondering where to buy JAV videos digitally. 🙂

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