I Went on a Date with SODstar Mahiro Tadai, sort of…

Have you wanted to go out on a date with SOD newest up and rising start Mahiro Tadai? well now you can! In Mahiro’s website you can now play her visual novel that allows you to go out with her on different dates.

the Visual Novel is simple and to the point, just enough to satisfy your cute Japanese girl fantasies. The story starts with you at a gaming store and then suddenly running into a girl looking for a video game. Apparently she doesn’t know what game to get so you help her out, thus moving you forward to the date phase. Be sure to pick the right choices or she might just end up running away from you.

One of the things in the visual novel that I like where the little movies that they had of her interacting or talking to you, I thought it was a nice touch to the game. She even feeds you, so cute!

Honestly I have to say, the marketing around this girl is handeled so well preparing for her first ever SOD star Debut DVD that will be coming out very soon (06/07/2018). this game only gave me more hype to actually go even further with cute and innocent Mahiro.

Here are more picture of SOD’s newest star!

Also she is very active on twitter and she will make your heart melt…


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  1. I love the whole concept of a live action visual novel to promote her upcoming video. I just wish i knew japanese enough to fully enjoy that demo thing.

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