Superb Fella 6 AIKA – Review

Superb Fella AIKA 6 - JAV star Blowjob Onahole by A-One Japan

Review of the Superb Fella 6 AIKA – A blowjob onahole made by by A-One Japan.

  • Product: Superb Fella 6 AIKA (極フェラ6 AIKA)
  • Maker: A-One
  • Measurements: Length – 165 mm / Weight – 444g
  • Link: Shop

AIKA. Probably the most famous JAV star on the planet. If you’re a Japanese adult video fan (who isn’t?), there’s a good chance you’ve knocked one out while watching one of her many performances tugging, sucking and fucking her way through a plethora of throbbing cocks.

AIKA is good at what she does, and even as she’s matured, she still has one hell of a body. It’s no wonder that there are a multitude of sex toys based on her lewd parts.

I recently got the chance to put my penis in one of her sex toy imitations. It’s called the Superb Fella 6 AIKA, and it’s a blow-job onahole made by A-one Japan. It’s obviously modelled on AIKA’s mouth – as it would be a bit odd to have a blowjob type masturbator based on a vagina!

Superb Fella 6 AIKA - Blowjob Onahole
Superb Fella AIKA 6 – Blowjob Onahole

The Box

The box features AIKA in the act of licking a translucent dildo. I imagine A-one did this to avoid having to pixelate it had she been licking a real dick, as per the infamous Japanese laws.

I can see that A-one has gone for the classy look with the box design – well, as classy as they can get when the box features the act of fellatio. Not a bad design. It’s enough to get me intrigued.

Enough of the box though, let’s see what this thing can do for our erections!

Superb Fella 6 AIKA - Blowjob Onahole
80ml of Blowjob Lube Included
Superb Fella 6 AIKA - Blowjob Onahole
Dual Layer Design

The Onahole

Inside the box is 80ml of ‘tsubakoki’ (blowjob) lube. It’s not bad – maybe a little thin. I guess they’re trying to recreate the saliva consistency, but it gets the job done.

And the Onahole? Well, the thing certainly looks the part! The inviting pink lips are a nice touch and add to the experience while also emphasising AIKA’s mouth features.

I spent some time comparing the lips, mouth and tongue shape with those of AIKA’s on various pictures, and they look fairly accurate in size and looks. The skin colour of the onahole is also fairly close to that of AIKA’s golden fake-tanned skin in real life. That is something I have not seen before on previous AIKA toys. Well done A-one for your attention to detail.

Unfortunately, the material of the Superb Fella 6 AIKA has a slightly sticky feel to it. I actually think you could use this thing to clean your apartment, as it does a great job of collecting dust and fluff.

Seriously, put this thing down on your bed for a few seconds and it’ll be covered in dirt, pubes, cat hairs and cheesy Cheeto crumbs! Or, maybe that’s just my bed?

Superb Fella 6 AIKA - Blowjob Onahole
The Superb Fella AIKA 6 Bed Cleaner

Aside from that stickiness, the material is quite good in terms of feel and the lips are pleasant to touch.

The Feel

You may have a little trouble easing your way in at first as you have to navigate yourself between the tongue and teeth, but once inside these features are a good thing. The way the lips wrap around your cock with each stroke is definitely my favourite thing about this onahole. It’s an absolute pleasure to watch.

The Fella AIKA 6 has ‘super hard type’ features within its tunnel that are meant to be very stimulating, but it really doesn’t feel that strong. It’s pleasantly sufficient at providing a blowjob sensation. The lips also help the suction effect and the tongue feels good along the bottom of your member.

I haven’t used it too much so I can’t say for sure, but this blowjob masturbator feels a little delicate around the lips. I can see people having problems with them tearing if they get a bit carried away. Care is needed.

Superb Fella 6 AIKA - Blowjob Onahole
The pink lips are one of the best features of the Fella AIKA 6


Aside from the delicate lips, and the fact it picks up dust better than a lint cloth, A-one have entered a decent option into the huge market of AIKA based sex toys.

If you want a JAV star blowjob onahole that provides a good fellatio experience, and one that looks the part, then this is a fairly reliable choice.

Available here

Superb Fella AIKA 6 


  • + Good blowjob experience
  • + Comes with 80ml of lube
  • + Looks great


  • – Picks up dirt easily due to sticky material
  • – Seems quite delicate around the lips

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