A spritual successor to the Magic Face ?

Some words I have to say at first. This is our first blog entry in a while. We are very sorry for the absence that was due to personal reasons such as me moving etc. I really appreciate all the people that kept contacting and checking out the blog still. We will do our best to provide more content again from now on. Stay tuned 🙂

Back in 2015, to the surprise of many Magic Eyes released a blow jab masturbator that went beyond everything we have seen till this point. It was not just an onahole shaped like a mouth, it as a Face…no…a Head actually. To gibe you a little impression of what is was, here is a video of our friend infernalmonkey, feeding his Magic Face.

It was and for me who still owns one it is for sure much more fun than regular BJ stuff. For all those who are interested, otonaJP still is one of the few shops that still sells them.

After this long intro we are now getting to the promised Spiritual successor. Tama Toys, known for super wacky stuff has released the Deep Throat Face. It looks similar to the Magic Face and has the same basic idea which is sticking your Penis as far as you can into her mouth. Below you can check out some pictures of this new treat from Tama Toys and it is available at otonaJP right now. 

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