OtonaJP Essentials Standard Onahole Review

otonaJP Essentials - Standard Onahole
otonaJP Essentials - Standard Onahole

Review of the OtonaJP Essentials Standard Onahole – Otonajp’s Exclusive Low Priced Offering

  • Product: OtonaJP Essentials Standard Onahole
  • Maker: Otonajp
  • Length: 150 x 87 mm
  • Weight: 300g
  • Link: Otonajp

I’ve been good friends with the pleasant people at Otonajp for some time now – In fact, they’ve supplied most of the toys that I’ve featured on this blog. Some I bought myself, others they provided free-of-charge for review purposes.  

I favor Otonajp because they almost always have the newest Japanese toy releases as they are based in Japan and have direct contact with the big makers. If a new product is not in their new arrivals section, it’s most likely not available anywhere else yet either (other than directly from the makers). Also, the 10% discount they offer on all new releases is simply too good to ignore. 

So, when they contacted me to tell me that they recently made their own low-price onahole, exclusively sold by them and that they would like me to try it and share my thoughts, I jumped at the opportunity. 

Introducing the OtonaJP Essentials Standard Onahole. An Onahole, Otonajp tell me, that aims to offer the tremendous stimulating experience of regular onahole from a big maker, but at a much lower cost. They do this by saving costs on fancy packaging and marketing and then charge as little as possible (while still obviously making some profit). So let’s take a closer look at their exclusive low-cost male masturbator…

otonaJP Essentials - Standard Onahole
OtonaJP Essentials – Standard Onahole

The Packaging 

I received the Standard Onahole in a plastic covering with no fancy cardboard packaging – quite unusual for sex toys from Japan! The onahole was well packed within a regular and discreet box, however. It works well if you are worried about customs looking into your shipments containing suspect-looking illustrations and wish to be cautious. 

The packaging is pretty dull, to be honest; however, this onahole is amazingly cheap. You won’t find one of this quality, as cheap as this, anywhere else that I’m aware of.

otonaJP Essentials - Standard Onahole
The Plastic Packaging & Complimentary Pack of Pepee Lubricant

The Onahole

Open up the plastic wrapping of the OtonaJP Essentials Standard Onahole , and you’ll find the toy itself – a bright pink tube, with five deep ridged rings that encompass it. The toy itself is also quite basic in design. It’s basically what you might draw if someone asked you to illustrate them an onahole. But again, Otonajp’s aim here is not some fancy-themed toy that is expensive solely for the gimmicks – their intention is more on great pleasure provided at little cost. 

otonaJP Essentials - Standard Onahole
Basic Pink Outer Design

The material is quite sturdy and of decent quality. It’s stretchy, flexible and durable – all important attributes for a toy when you’re balls deep inside it. 

Ridged Inner Tunnel of the OtonaJP Essentials Standard Onahole

Add a little lube (comes with a free pack of Pepee Sillky lubricant) to the Standard Onahole, and you’re ready to begin. I can honestly say that this onahole feels surprisingly good considering the price. 

The Feel

The entrance hole is quite tight – but not overly tight – and remains so during penetration which adds some pleasant stimulation. The inner tunnel is made up of a series of protruding horizontal ridges. It’s quite a simple design, but it’s effective. The stretchy outer material combined with the snug diameter of the inner tunnel provides a tight, yet forgiving experience. 

Otonajp’s Promotional Image – Conducting Some Scientific Studies

There’s enough give in the material to accommodate a thicker girth penis while still enveloping thinner girths well. It’s actually quite pleasant, and it just goes to show that some of these crazy tunnel designs we see on modern onahole are not always necessary. Sure, they feel good, but simple, efficient designs that do the basics well also have their place. And that’s what the Standard Onahole does – Provides some nice, non-extreme, pleasurable sensations to your penis. What more can you ask for at this price point?


The Otonajp Essentials Onahole would suit someone new to the world of onaholes who would like to experience them but are a little daunted by some of the prices of the higher-end onaholes on the market. This male masturbator form Otonajp will provide a pleasurable glimpse into the fantastic world of onaholes that many of us have already come to know and love. 

Available Here

Otonajp Essentials Standard Onahole


  • + Very Cheap
  • + Quite Pleasurable
  • + Great For Beginners


  • – No Fancy Packaging
  • – Plain Outer Design

The links provided are affiliate links to Otonajp as they provided me the onahole for review!

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