Love Style 48 can sit on your lap and more

I love that Magic Eyes aren’t afraid to try new ideas with their onaholes – often with very little warning before it even hits retail shelves! Even if it’s down to a product’s backstory or theme, it feels like Magic Eyes really give it everything they’ve got.

Case in point, the recent release of Love Style 48. This full body onahole seemingly launched out of nowhere, offering a whopping 2.3kg design of a girl casually sitting on her knees. That’s it. That’s the idea.

And yet…

It looks fucking AMAZING.

Magic Eyes promise a ‘realistically reacting’ vagina to spread open, and an anal option is also present to change things up a bit. The pose may seem a bit limited at first, but this actually presents quite a few options during use.

Here are just some of the positions you can try.

‘Nutty Peony’ huh. That’s a thing I didn’t know existed. Or were even words. See, sex toys can teach you all sorts of important stuff!

Love Style 48 is out right now.

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