Kupa Trip Mattari Soft Onahole – Review

Kupa Trip Mattari Soft Onahole Review – A Steampunk Themed Male Masturbator by Magic Eyes

  • Product:  Kupa Trip Mattari Soft
  • Maker: Magic Eyes
  • Measurements: Weight: 340 Grams / Dimensions: 150 x 67 mm
  • Link: Shop (affiliate link)

Great news for onahole fans who like the aesthetics and idea of the steampunk genre because Magic Eyes have added two new toys to their retrofuturistic male masturbator, the Kupa Trip.

These Kupa Trip onaholes offer a unique steampunk-themed experience with bold colours, box art featuring a steampunk girl on the front, and onaholes with a machine type engraving on the exterior with gears and pumps. This is combined with a complex inner tunnel made from a separate material that aims to offer good stimulation, as onaholes should. 

Kupa Trip Mattari Soft Onahole by Magic Eyes

There are now a total of three onaholes in the Kupa Trip Series. The first was the standard type Kupa Trip – here – and the two recently released toys are the Kupa Trip Zori Zori Hard – here – and the Kupa Trip Mattari Soft, which is the one I’ll be reviewing in this post. 

The Box

The box that Kupa Trip Mattari Soft comes in features more or less the same design as the other toys in the series, and also the same steampunk girl on the front, except she’s wearing different clothes, colours and has a different hair colour. The box is also white, whereas the boxes for the other Kupa Trip toy are darker with more browns and blacks.

The artwork is done is the same style as most of Magic Eyes’ other boxes which is not a bad thing. If you’re a fan of boxes, artwork and especially steampunk things, then the box would make a nice addition to your collection. 

The Onahole

The Kupa Trip Mattari Soft Onahole has a unique design. It’s a deep pink colour and as mentioned previously, features an engraved gear and pump type design on the exterior. Aside from the other toys in the Kupa Trip series, I can’t think of one single other onahole that features a machinery type design. The Kupa Trip Onahole Series theme and design would also appeal to technosexuals. 

Kupa Trip Mattari Soft  Onahole by Magic Eyes

Not many onaholes have a visual appeal as the Kupa Trip toys do, and if there were ever any onahole you could actually display somewhere it would be these ones. This is helped by the fact that they barely look like sex toys and only those with knowledge of Japanese sex toy industry might guess what it really is if they saw it sitting on your shelf. 

The inner tunnel of the Kupa Trip Mattari Soft is also visually outstanding, not in a visual admiration way, but more in a “holy shit, that looks like it will feel great” way. It’s quite different from the tunnels in the other Kupa Trip toys and so offers quite a different experience too. The Mattari Soft has a somewhat more organic look to the others with plenty of folds and flaps made from a lighter pink material to the exterior. 

Kupa Trip Mattari Soft  Onahole by Magic Eyes

The entrance hole is a simple small circle that curves inwards somewhat. At the front of the inner tunnel, there is a large fleshy chamber which contains a “gate” which is basically another entrance hole shaped like a smaller vagina that adds more stimulation. Behind that gate, the inner tunnel is snugger and is made up of flaps and folds protruding from multiple directions. 

As the name suggests, the Mattari Soft is made from a softer material to the others in the series, and is, therefore, more supple and forgiving, making it the better option for those who want a softer experience, or a longer-lasting session. 

Kupa Trip Mattari Soft  Onahole by Magic Eyes

Most Magic Eyes onaholes are very well made and seem quite sturdy to hold and this Mattari Soft is no different, even with its softer materials. The material does have a tendency to collect dust though, which is a little annoying, but the red colour makes it less visible, especially compared to the standard black one which had a matt black colour and shows up every little speck of dust. 

There was also a little bit of a smell from the materials when I first opened the box of the Mattari Soft, but it disappeared over time. 

The Feel

The Kupa Trip Mattari Soft feels very nice. The small tight circle that makes up the entrance hole provides some stimulation as it grips around your shaft as you slide in and out. Once you push through the chamber and past that gate, there’s a sort of engulfing sensation with all of them folds and flaps bending back and surrounding much of your girth. 

The inner tunnel is quite snug, but the flaps and folds are soft and flexible enough to be not too stimulating. Everything expands quite nicely and there are no single points within the tunnel giving too much stimulus. The sensation throughout the tunnel is mostly nice and even.

Kupa Trip Mattari Soft  Onahole by Magic Eyes

I usually prefer harder type toys, but I can see the appeal of softer ones, especially if they’re well made, as the longer sessions can lead to some very strong orgasms. They’re also great for edging, and perhaps even gooning if you have plenty of time throughout the day to do nothing but masturbate yourself into a twitching organic puddle. 

The Kupa Trip Mattari Soft strikes a nice balance between not being too overstimulating and offering a pleasurable sensation. 


The Kupa Trip Mattari Soft Onahole is a very well made onahole with nice visual appeal if you like the steampunk theme. If you’re looking for an onahole that is not too overstimulating and instead offers a steady, even stimulation, then this is a good choice. It’s durable, fairly easy to maintain and it looks awesome if you don’t need a toy that actually resembles a pussy.

The only negative thing I can really say about it is that it does collect dust and it smells a bit the first time you unpack it, but these are minor problems.

If you’re a collector of boxes, steampunk-themed things, or even onaholes, this is a great addition, and the stimulation is quite good too.

The Kupa Trip Mattari Soft Onahole is available here.


  • + Good steady “soft” stimulation
  • + Nice exterior design and theme


  • – Collects dust

Rating 8/10

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