Magic Face Custom – Review

Magic Face Custom

Magic Face Custom Review – A Blowjob Head Male Masturbator by PPP

  • Product: Magic Face Custom
  • Maker: PPP / Out Vision
  • Measurements: Weight: 2800 Grams / Dimensions: 280 x 210 x 160 mm
  • Link: Shop (affiliate link)

There are many blowjob based onaholes from Japan to choose from, with various different themes and gimmicks trying to differentiate themselves from the crowded market and tempt your cock with some oral action in exchange for your cash. 

There are JAV star mouth clones, hentai-themed ones, vibrating ones, and they come with various combinations of lips, teeth, tongue and throat. There’s even a man’s mouth one and one with a JAV one with a pierced tongue. No other toy manufacturer has released a product quite as unique as PPP have yet though, because they pushed it to the next level when they released a whole head blowjob toy called the Magic Face

The Magic Face proved to be immensely popular and obviously, PPP saw some profit because not long after they released the Magic Face 2 – which was the same concept except it was twice the size as the original, had a few improvements and was based on a character from the Taimanin series of hentai games and anime.

The Magic Face 2 proved to be even more popular than the original. It appealed to those who wanted a whole head blowjob masturbator and also fans of the Taimanin series. It was also well made and provided a good and unique blowjob stimulation. 

And now, PPP have decided to push the limits of a head based blowjob masturbator yet again with the Magic Face Custom – here – a blowjob head masturbator that aims to improve the oral experience by giving you a customizable head that can be dressed up with various accessories such as wigs and glasses, so you can make it look just the way you want it. 

The Box / Packaging

The box is nicely designed with a nice anime girl on the front with her mouth wide open, filled with a milky white substance, while she exposes her perky tit and seemingly invites you to insert your penis in her mouth. The art was done by MUK who is quite a well-know hentai artist from Japan.

Magic Face Custom

There’s also more artwork on the side of the box demonstrating the same character with different colour hair, and various accessories like eye patches, glasses, hair clips and even cat ears to demonstrate the toy’s customizability.

Magic Face Custom
The box is as more than twice as large as the original Magic Face box, which I still had laying around luckily for comparison.

Within the box, the head comes in a large plastic tray for stability. It also comes with a comically small pack of lube which is tiny when compared to the size of the head. The lube is good for one use basically. I’d have liked to see at least a small bottle of lube included with a toy this size and price point, but I guess even this tiny pack is better than none. 

There is also a wig included in the box that can be used on the head. It’s straight hair and a brunette colour. Of course, you can add your own wig if you’d prefer a different look, but it’s nice that one is included and it definitely makes the head look better than having nothing.  

The Onahole (Head)

Well, when you first get it out of the box, it really doesn’t look much at all. 

Thank the onahole gods that it comes with a wig included because using it without any accessories could be a little depressing with nothing but a bold head on top to stare at. Unless a bold head does if for you, then, by all means, don’t use a wig. 

The Magic Face Custom is quite lolita-like with its shape, size, small nose, ears, and mouth. The material feels very good and the head is quite stable due to an inner shell inside. The build quality is good and it gives the toy a durable feel which is an important aspect of enjoying a sex toy. 

The weight of the head is 2.8kgs so it’s more than twice the weight of the original Magic Face, but just a little lighter than the Magic Face 2 (3kgs). The Custom is a little taller than the Magic Face 2 even though it’s a little lighter – I suspect that’s because the Magic Face 2 has the hair moulded into the toy as rubber which must add weight. 

There is a flat base on the bottom of the toy which makes it suitable for placing on a flat surface for stability so you can enjoy it hands-free as you pound away. 

The Feel

The mouth of the Magic Face Custom is small. Thankfully the rubber is stretchy enough to let you in. The tightness of the mouth keeps everything wrapped around your cock which feels good, both physically and visually. 

There’s a small soft tongue just under the mouth entrance which guides you inside, but it’s not very long and cuts off pretty soon inside the tunnel. There’s not much happening inside in regards to textures either, aside from a sort of bumpy feel. But, the tunnel does bend down sharpy a little way in, so that adds some stimulation and a sort pf deepthroat sensation, which is obviously the aim.

Magic Face Custom

The tunnel is super deep and gets a tighter as you push which adds a nice sensation to the head of your penis as you poke in and out of the throat. 

The toy is quite noisy, almost like a super sloppy blowjob you hear as an added sound effect in some porn movies – which isn’t the worst thing on a blow job toy. Might be a problem if you’re trying to use the thing without everybody in the house hearing it though. It also adds to the whole throat-fuck fetish is you’re into that. 

If you just hover around the first part of the mouth, the sensation is pretty average, and it’ll probably take you while to finish. Push deep down into that throat on every stroke though, and you’ll soon be leaving your deposits inside. Deepthroating is where it’s at with this toy – and holding on the head and pulling for a throat fuck is real fun.

Also, a 69 position offers quite a different sensation that was even better than the normal angle for me personally. It just hits your dick right. The head is heavy enough so you can lay on your back and slide it up and down on your cock as if she was on top of you in the 69. 


The Magic Face Custom is super fun and the customisation can make it excellent visually if you can find the right accessories for it. I don’t have anything to put on it right on mine right now aside from the wig, but I can see how certain things could make it more appealing.

The experience is also quite nice with some nice deep throat sensations if you push down deep enough. The Magic Face toys ablosulty provide a better oral sensation than the average blowjob onahole – and the orgasm can be very intense after longer sessions once you’ve found the right angle and way to use it. 

Magic Face Custom

Unless you’re really dedicated to the whole blowjob experience though, or happy to use it only occasionally, the Magic Face Custom can be a little frustrating. It’s not just a toy you can quickly whip out, lube up, dump your load, rinse and done. The head is rather inconvenient what with lubing it up, actually using it effectively, and then cleaning – which is awkward because of the deep curved tunnel.

If you just want a quick blowjob toy, there are many smaller handheld options available that will provide a decent experience. If you want what is pretty much the ultimate blowjob toy though, then the Magic Face Custom is exactly that – The deep throat stimulation, visual appeal (once accessories are applied) and the feel of having a whole head to hold onto that the Magic Face Custom can’t be eaten.  

The Magic Face Custom Head Blowjob Onahole is available here


  • + Good deep throat experience
  • + Customization potential
  • + Great durability, stability and build quality
  • + Good sucking and gripping power in the throat


  • – A little noisy
  • – Inconvenient to use and clean
  • – First part of the tunnel isn’t too good

Rating 8/10

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