Kupa Trip Zori Zori Hard Onahole – Review

Kupa Trip Zori Zori Hard Onahole Review – A Steampunk Themed Male Masturbator by Magic Eyes

  • Product:  Kupa Trip Zori Zori Hard
  • Maker: Magic Eyes
  • Measurements: Weight: 340 Grams / Dimensions: 150 x 67 mm
  • Link: Shop (affiliate link)

Today, I am reviewing the Kupa Trip Zori Zori Hard Onahole by Magic Eyes. This is the hard version of the Kupa Trip series. I’ve already reviewed the soft version just last week, and since this is so similar, aside from the colour and stimulation, I will write this a comparison. Most things are the same, and the things that do differ, I will mention here – please read the previous review if you want to get a better idea of what the Kupa Trip series of toys offer. 

The Box

The box is pretty much the same design, with the biggest difference being the colours used. The box for this Kupa Trip Zori Zori Hard is darker with more black, and greys used. 

Kupa Trip Zori Zori Hard Onahole Review

The steampunk girl on the front is also the same, except she’s wearing different clothing such as a hat, grey clothing (instead of white), black boots, and no tights. It’s nice that they put a little effort into changing her up a bit for each box rather than the exact same image on all of them. If you are a collector of boxes, this might please you. 

The onahole comes in a plastic bag and with a small pack of lubricant just like the others. 

The Onahole

The main difference in terms of looks with the Kupa Trip Zori Zori Hard, compared to the others in the series is that it has a clear, see-through material making up the exterior. The inner tunnel is made from a separate material that is a deep red colour, making it visible and stand out within the toy. 

Because the Zori Zori Hard is see-through, it adds some visual stimulation to each session as you can observe yourself inside and things expending and retracting as you push in and pull out. If you’re a very visual person, this may appeal to you.

Kupa Trip Zori Zori Hard Onahole Review

The material of this hard version is also a little firer than the others in the series, which keeps everything slightly more compressed when you push inside, and in turn, is meant to result in a little more stimulation. 

Some people prefer these firmer materials to softer ones. If you’ve tried a fair few onahole, you’ll probably have a good idea by now, and if you’re new, it’s probably best to try a soft one and a hard one to see what you prefer. Unless you’re quite sensitive already, then softer versions will provide a longer session, but then a harder version can also help with stamina training so take your personal wants and needs into consideration when you choose. 

The inner tunnel of the Zori Zori Hard is quite different from the soft too. This hard version is more of a simple straight tight tub with textured outer walls whereas the soft version’s tunnel has various flaps and folds. The tube is also meandering a little throughout.

The Feel

As mentioned above, the Kupa Trip Zori Zori Hard is made from a slightly firmer material tp the soft version and so it is a little less floppy and supple. The stimulation it provides is definitely stronger than the soft version and the inner tunnel is kept firmly wrapped around your member throughout. Think of the harder version as like a tight clenched pussy and the softer version as more relaxed and you’ll kind of get a better idea of the difference in sensations. 

Kupa Trip Zori Zori Hard Onahole Review

The second entrance hole (“gate”) a little way in is very nice and if you take deep strokes, withdrawing from the opening and then entering it again on each stroke, you”’ experience the best this onahole has to offer and you’ll be climaxing in next to no time. If you want to slow things down a bit, slower shorter strokes are needed. While it’s a strong type toy, you have some control of how fast you finish – making both fast finishes, and slower, yet intense sessions possible. 


The Kupa Trip Zori Zori Hard would be great for those who want a capable toy for both hard and fast sessions, as well as slower sessions that lead to strong orgasms. The hard type design also makes it good for stamina training – a couple weeks use of this and it’s a good bet that your regular sex sessions with a partner will last longer. 

Kupa Trip Zori Zori Hard Onahole Review

The three onaholes in this Kupa Trip series are all very well made and all offer a decent level of stimulation. Whether you should choose, the soft, normal or hard type will depend on your personal needs and sensitivity levels – or you could even go all out and get a combination of the three and use whichever takes your mood at the time. The price ain’t too bad for these toys and the build quality is superb so any combination of the three wouldn’t be a bad investment if you’re looking for long-term options. 

The Kupa Trip Zori Zori Hard Onahole is available here.


  • + Good steady “hard-type” stimulation
  • + Nice exterior design and theme
  • + See-through exterior material (if you like that)


  • – Collects dust, but the clear design somewhat makes it less noticeable on this hard version. 
  • – This hard version might be a little too stimulating for some. 

Rating 8/10

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