Shangri La Girl Onahole – Review

Shangri La Girl Onahole Review – A Fantasy Male Masturbator by Maccos Japan

  • Product:  Shangri-La Girl Onahole
  • Maker: Maccos Japan
  • Measurements: Weight: 600 Grams / Dimensions: 170 x 90 mm
  • Link: Shop (affiliate link)

Welcome to a new onahole review fap fans. Today I am reviewing the Shangri La Girl Onahole which is a medium-sized handheld male masturbator by Maccos Japan. defines the term Shangri-La as: “an imaginary paradise on earth, especially a remote and exotic utopia.”

Now, imagine that definition used to describe a penis-pleasuring pussy, and you might receive a jolt of blood pumped to your member resulting in a stirring twitch as I did. An exotic utopia is certainly an appealing description for a vagina that conjures up thoughts and feelings of receiving the ultimate sexual experience and heavenly orgasmic finishes. Let’s see if this onahole can match its ambitiously lofty title. 

The Box

The Shangri-La Girl comes in a colourful nicely-designed box, with a beautiful illustration of a sexy young girl wearing the infamously revealing “virgin-killer sweater” and nothing else.

Shangri La Girl Onahole by Maccos Japan
Shangri La Girl Onahole by Maccos Japan

The box is quite thicker, and therefore a little sturdier than the usual thin material boxes of other onahole come in, which is always helpful when you’re getting a toy shipped halfway across the world – and also a nice plus if you collect the boxes. It gives the feeling of a premium product even before you’ve opened it to find the toy.

Inside the box, the onahole comes securely packed in a plastic tray and with a small packet of lubricant.

The Onahole

Aside from the plump pussy lips at the front, the exterior of the Shangri La Girl is rather simple in design. It is slightly wider at the front and the slightly narrower girth makes it easy to grip. The onahole is a soft pink colour on the outside, while the inner tunnel is a red colour and made from a different material. 

Shangri La Girl Onahole by Maccos Japan

The inner tunnel is a meandering tube with four points with varying shapes and levels of tightness. The front of the tunnel is somewhat wider while towards the back, it gets more snug, then at the very back, there is a small chamber designed to apply a vacuum effect and also a provide further stimulation to the head of your penis. 

Shangri La Girl Onahole by Maccos Japan

The material of the toy is made from a soft and supple material that gives it a fluffy, airy sort of feel, but the size and thickness of the toy still give sit some feeling of firmness when you squeeze it. The onahole is covered in a light powdery coating and it was slightly moist when I first got it out of the box. It does collect dust and grime fairly easily which can be a bit of a pain. 

The pussy lips at the front of the toy are quite plump and visually appealing with a nice shape to them and also a sort of clitoral hood. They’re fun to play with, with either your fingers or your penis.

The Feel

While the overall stimulation that the Shangri La Girl provides is not quite the perfect utopian experience that the name implies, it is very good. 

Shangri La Girl Onahole by Maccos Japan

Parting and sliding in between the lips with the tip of your penis is pleasing ad observing them wrap around, slide and stroke the length of your shaft on each stroke is mesmerising and adds to the experience. 

There’s a sort of comfy melting sensation as you push inside the toy and there’s a nice stimulation throughout the tube. The soft and supple structure of the toy allows it to be easily stretched, squeezed and bent which can vary the stimulation making it softer or more intense depending on your preference. Turning the onahole around and sliding inside at a different angle also provides a somewhat different sensation.

Shangri La Girl Onahole by Maccos Japan

The 600 grams of mass that this onahole is made from gives it a feeling of substance and allows it to be used confidently which is one of the main benefits of having a well made medium-sized masturbator. 


This is a very good toy in terms of build quality, presentation and stimulation, and even more so when you consider the price as it is considerably lower than many other similarly sized toys of the same quailty. 

While it may not provide ad strong of a stimulation that some toys offer with their crazy inner tunnel and gimmicks, but the Shangri La Girl Onahole does provide an adequate pleasing sensation that can lead to intense climaxes. It’s would suit beginners quite well, while also making a decent addition to any onahole connoisseur’s collection for a more mellow option when the mood calls for it. 

The Shangri La Girl Onahole is available here.


  • + Good stimulation
  • + Well made
  • + Good price


  • – A bit of a dust and dirt magnet
  • – Maybe a little average for seasoned onahole users compared to harder options out there

Rating 8/10

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