Princess Dungeon Youngest Shrine Priestess Onahole – Review

Princess Dungeon Youngest Shrine Priestess Onahole Review – A Fantasy RPG-themed Male Masturbator by Yelolab

  • Product: Princess Dungeon Youngest Shrine Priestess
  • Maker: Yelolab
  • Measurements: Weight: 530 Grams / Dimensions: 140 x 80 mm
  • Link: Shop (affiliate link)

Well, the world seems to be going to shit at the moment what with all the disasters, mass social unrest, and potential life-ending viruses doing the rounds. Perhaps what the world needs right now is someone with a powerful healing aura to come and heal us one by one with the magical powers of her restorative pussy. 

Japanese toymaker Yelolab are attempting to save the world then, with their new release Princess Dungeon Youngest Shrine Priestess – an onahole (very unofficially) based on healing priestesses from old school Japanese RPG games like Dragon Quest.

This toy is actually one of four in Yelolab’s Princess Dungeon series and is one of the two newer releases. This series of masturbators are all inspired by female video game characters.  

The Box

Princess Dungeon Shrine Priestess
The Shrine Priestess with a magical healing pussy

The box is nicely designed with a superb illustration of a curvy shrine priestess donning RPG-esqu priestess attire with a blurry game style background. Not sure if Yelolab commissioned a known artist specifically for the art, but it seems nicely done and will appeal to fans of box designs.

Princess Dungeon Shrine Priestess

The Onahole

The Princess Dungeon Youngest Shrine Priestess weighs 530 grams, which is fairly substantial considering it’s only 14cm in length. It is quite a plump toy though, making it a bit of a handful. 

The entrance sports a tiny looking hole surrounded by a rather loose and depressing set of pussy lips. I mean, they sort of look like a vagina if you squint a little, but they don’t add much visual appeal really. 

Princess Dungeon Shrine Priestess

It’s a rather basic-looking onahole with a rounded, smooth exterior and a soft pink colour. There isn’t anything on the design of the toy itself that represents the toy’s RPG theme. It’s a mid-price range toy available for a little under $30 with otonaJP so it ain’t a huge issue as the materials feel very good with a very soft, stretchy and supple feel while also being fairly durable. 

Opening it up and peering inside the inner tunnel reveals an appealing series of rings running throughout. At the end of the tunnel, there’s is a small chamber guarded by a small ring, that is veiled in nubs – all designed to stimulate the head of your penis. 

The Feel

The Princess Dungeon Youngest Shrine Priestess provides a decent stimulation from the moment your head pops in. The entrance hole doesn’t feel quite as tight as it looks, but you’re immediately met by the assemblage of rings running throughout the uneven tunnel. 

There’s pretty much an even stimulation felt right from the start all the way through until you reach the chamber at the end – in which the head of your penis is engulfed by the walls and with the plethora of small protruding nubs. The walls of the toy are al fairly loose, but ll these rings and nubbed protrusions make up for the stimulation, resulting in a steady yet pleasurable mild massage experience. 

Princess Dungeon Shrine Priestess

The generous weight of the toy adds to the experience too and gives you plenty of stuff to play around with in terms of stretching, squeezing and manipulating the mass around your member in search of your preferred feeling. The rather short 14cm length is counted by the fact that the materials are stretchy enough and with ample mass to push out the end or to stretch the toy a little to accommodate a more well-endowed penis. 


The toy is kind of plain on the exterior and with no obvious designs that coincide with the RPG game theme. But, the situation is fairly nice, although nothing hugely special. I’d say it’s average for an onahole, nothing great, but not too bad either. 

The toy is durable enough, easy to use and easy to clean and maintain. It’ll provide you with some long term use if you take care of it properly. It’s not too badly priced either with a mid-range price point. Other than it providing an alright experience for a fair price, the biggest attraction of this toy is probably the box that might appeal to fans of old school Japanese RPG’s. 

The Princess Dungeon Youngest Shrine Priestess Onahole is available here.


  • + Good stimulation
  • + Durable, supple and stretchy materials
  • + Fair price


  • – Dull exterior design
  • – Not much to do with the theme aside from the box

Rating 8/10

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