Caution Tight Hole Limited Bubble Version – Review

Caution Tight Hole Limited Bubble Version by Toys Heart - Review

Caution Tight Hole: Limited Bubble Version Review – A Virgin Themed Male Masturbator by Toys Heart 

  • Product:  Caution Tight Hole: Limited Bubble Version
  • Maker: Toys Heart 
  • Measurements: Weight: 80 Grams / Dimensions: 95 x 36 mm
  • Link: Shop (affiliate link)

The Caution Tight Hole: Limited Bubble Version by Toys Heart is a small size virgin themed onahole. It’s a limited edition version of the original Caution Tight Hole – here – which is quite popular partly because it’s pretty inexpensive, and partly because it delivers tight dick destroying stimulation. 

Caution Tight Hole Limited Bubble Version by Toys Heart - Review

This Limited Bubble Version, as the name suggests, is a bubbly version that is meant to give it a softer feel. The colour of this limited edition release is also different – It has a deep pink colour, while the original was clear. 

Because it’s a limited version, it is only available at four stores that have the rights to sell it in Japan, and only one worldwide online store which is otonaJP. 

So let’s see if the bubble material on this new one can add to the original experience. 

The Box / Packaging

The box of the Caution Tight Hole: Limited Bubble Version is pretty much the same as the original except that it has a different colour, features the logos of the four stores in Japan that supply it, and of course, it has pictures of the onahole itself.  

Caution Tight Hole Limited Bubble Version by Toys Heart - Review

The box is fairly small (about 15cm in height) and inside, the onahole comes in a plastic bag and accompanied by a small pack of lubricant. 

The Onahole

This is a super small onahole, which could be a positive if you want a toy that is easily transportable and/or easy to hideaway. The negative side of the small size is that those with are well endowed may get a little frustrated while using it – the toy is stretchy and can take a fair amount of size, but not a huge amount.

The bubbly material gives the toy a softer quality than the original which was known for being a hard and a little unforgiving for some people. The inner tunnel if the toy is a little more straight than the original’s which curved quite a bit. 

The onahole is not much to look at on the outside with a cube shape design with a smooth exterior. The entrance to the tunnel is also very basic and no attempt has been made by Toys Heart to make this thing very visually appealing. The flat bottom and shape of the toy allow it to be stood upright quite easily. I guess if you want to proudly display the onahole somewhere for any visitors to see, then this feature might be useful, otherwise, I’m not really sure why this is even a thing. 

The Feel

 The Caution Tight Hole: Limited Bubble Version does indeed offer a softer stimulation than the original Caution Tight Hole. It is still very tight and feels great, but the spongey bubble material is more forgiving and gives way more easily which somewhat solves the problem of overstimulation that some people experienced with the original.

Caution Tight Hole Limited Bubble Version by Toys Heart - Review

For comparison, if the original had a stimulation of 9/10, this bubble version is about a 7/10. 


The Caution Tight Hole Limited Bubble Version is a little pricey due to its limited availability – but as an actual small size handheld onahole, it is pretty much perfect. The sensations are nice and the build quality is also good so it should last a while if you look after it. 

If you’re a fan of the previous one, or if you thought that it was a little too strong, this version might be good for you.

The Caution Tight Hole: Limited Bubble Version Onahole is available here


  • + Great stimulation
  • + Softer, gentler experience than the original


  • – It’s a little pricey due to its limited availability
  • – Not well suited for those who are very well endowed 

Rating 8/10

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