Niku Man Delta Onahole – Review

Niku Man Delta Onahole Review – A Chubby-Girl Themed Male Masturbator by G-Project

  • Product: Niku Man Delta Onahole
  • Maker: G-Project
  • Measurements: Weight: 600 Grams / Dimensions: 160 x 85 mm
  • Link: Shop (affiliate link)

Good news for those who like their girls on the THICC side, because G-Project, who are known for their Niku Man (meaty pussy) range, has released an especially THICC-girl-themed onahole called the Niku Man Delta. The Delta part of the name is in reference to the three large and unique chubby meat portions that surround the entrance hole. 

This might be the chubbiest, chubby girl pussy in G-Project’s chubby range so far. Those three folds sort of resemble the plump excess chub that you might find surrounding a chubby girl’s chubby pussy. Lovely. I have a chub just thinking about it. 

The Niku Man Delta is a large-size handheld male masturbator weighing a hefty 600grams of soft and plumpy pussy-imitating rubber. So, let’s see what this voluptuous girl can do for our erections. 

The Box

The Niku Man Delta comes in a brightly designed yellow box with bold pink text. It certainly stands out and demands your attention. On the box, a shapely girl with huge knockers and ample curves gives presents us with a superb view as she poses in her skimpy striped bikini. The box is fairly large for an Onahole, with plenty of space for the large toy that resides within. 

Niku Man Delta Onahole by G-Project
Niku Man Delta (Chubby Girl Themed) Onahole by G-Project

Indie the box, the onahole comes in the standard plastic bag and accompanied by the standard G-Project small pouch of lubricant. 

The Onahole

The Niku Man Delta is one plump and curvy toy. It has a smooth rounded exterior and it gets narrower in the middle, giving it a sort of figure-eight shape, just like a thick girl. It’s a soft pink colour, and it’s lightly powdered, which gives off a bit of smell when you first take it out of the box, but it soon passes.

Niku Man Delta Onahole by G-Project

As mentioned earlier, three large round protrusions surround the entrance of the inner tunnel, and they sort of mimic the folds of chub of a curvy girl. They look a bit strange, to be honest, and I guess the aim here is to provide a more physical feel that replicates a chubby girl penetration experience, rather than the looks. 

The underside surface of these three folds is layered in a nub texture that aims to add stimulation to your member before you’ve even pushed inside the inner tunnel, which is definitely a unique point of this onahole. The inner tunnel is also fairly unique with a distinctive meandering tube veiled in all sorts of varied size nubs and crevices. There’s also a larger end chamber right at the very back that is again layered with nubs and bumps. It sort of curves of to one side, I suppose to provide further stimulation to the tip of your penis. 

The materials that the toy is made from are very soft, supple and wobbly. There’s ample meat to push into and play with, and it also suits the theme quite well. All this material and the three large folds does make lubricating and cleaning a little awkward though, but nothing too bad.

Niku Man Delta Onahole by G-Project

If you peel back the three folds and peer at the entrance hole, it does look rather strange. Sort of a mix between an asshole and an octopus’ mouth. Not really the most inviting entrance hole you’ll ever see unless you like that type of thing of course. 

The Feel

I was pleased to discover that the pussy of this curvy girl is very comfortable and cosy, and very pleasurable. It feels fucking marvellous actually. 

Niku Man Delta Onahole by G-Project

The three folds have some leeway to bend backwards and so they only apply gentle pressure as you push between them, but it’s enough. And they feel especially good when you push right into the inner tunnel and they hit the base of your penis, the top part, and also provide a pleasurable poke to your ball bags. The toy can also be twisted, so the folds stimulate you from different angles depending on your preference. They really are a nice gimmick and definitely make the experience of this toy unique. 

The inner tunnel is also particularly nice and stimulating. The meandering tube and assortment of bumps all work to attack your manhood from every angle. There’s quite a strong suction when you squeeze all the airt out and it keeps everything nice and snug and firmly gripping around your girth and length. 

The orgasms I got from this toy were immense, and I had to stop pumping after I shot my load because the stimulation was too much. There is just too much going on all at once, and trying to pace yourself with the Niku Man Delta is also a little tough. Like, even if you take short and shallow thrusts, there’s still an awful lot of stimulation happening. Not complaining about any of this, as the experience is amazing, but I’m going to stay away from this one if I want a more steady-paced, slower session.


Good stimulation, good build quality, durability and fairly easy to use and maintain (if not a little fiddly). It’s all very good and worth the mid-range price in my opinion. 

The Niku Man Delta is one of my new favourite onaholes. I probably wouldn’t recommend it as a first onahole to beginners who are just getting started with aid-assisted masturbation, but for the veterans who want a decent toy that provides good stimulation and a bit of a different experience, this is a superb option. And especially if you have a chubby girl fetish. 

The Niku Man Delta Onahole is available here.


  • + Good, unique stimulation
  • + Well made, large size handheld toy
  • + Nice chubby girl folds gimmick that actually feels pretty good


  • – A little awkward to clean
  • – Maybe a little too much for some beginners – but if you want a stimulating and well-made toy, then, by all means, dive right n. 

Rating 10/10

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