Dokusen Nikukan: Exclusive Touch – Review

Dokusen Nikukan Exclusive Touch - Review

Dokusen Nikukan: Exclusive Touch – A Young Japanese Lady Themed Male Masturbator by Magic Eyes

  • Product: Dokusen Nikukan – Exclusive Touch
  • Maker: Magic Eyes
  • Measurements: Weight: 550 Grams / Dimensions: 170 x 70 mm
  • Link: Shop (affiliate link)

So this is the Dokusen Nikukan: Exclusive Touch Onahole by Magic Eyes who are the minds behind the popular range of virgin bride (Sujiman) onaholes and fantasy/fetish-themed toys that often take inspiration from fairy tales or urban legends.

The Dokusen Nikukan: Exclusive Touch is somewhat different from their more recent releases as it is not based on a virgin bride or a fairy tale – instead, it is based on a young Japanese woman. Okay, maybe it is still heavily fantasy-based as it features a huge camel toe and the young woman on the box is an anime character rather than a real person, but as far as Magic Eyes toys go, it’s about as close to real as you’re probably going to get. 

Aside from the theme, however, the colour, style and build quality is mostly comparable to most of their other similarly sized onaholes. That is not a bad thing though as Magic Eyes make some of the most durable, stimulating and easy-to-maintain toys in the industry, although they do have their duds occasionally.

The Box / Packaging

The girl on the box of the Dokusen Nikukan: Exclusive Touch kind of looks like the anime style of Japanese porn actress, Eimi Fukada. She’s wearing the fabled “Virgin-Killer sweater” that is popular in Japan and named so because of its low-cut open back and side-boob exposing sides – having the potential to make virgins extremely excited if a hot girl happened to be wearing one.

The box design is quite bold, with large bright pink fonts and floral pattern design. As mentioned earlier, it’s moderately different from Magic Eyes other recent box designs as it doesn’t follow a virgin-bride or fantasy theme. It’s a nice design nonetheless though, and the artwork of the sexy, young and slim lady is excellent. 

Inside the box, the toy comes in a plastic tray and wrapped in a plastic bag. There’s also a standard pack of Magic Eyes lubricant. 

The Onahole

The onahole itself is not too much different in shape, colour and feel to Magic Eyes’ Sujima toys, especially the Sujiman Kupa Lolinco with a similar size and weight, and the rather large and plump camel-to – the only real discernable different being the breasts (or the lack of). The Dokusen Nikukan: Exclusive Touch is just flat where the tiny breast would be on the Lolinco. 

The material is medium firmness, and as with most Magic Eyes toys, feels very high quality and durable. Their toys tend to be able to take some punishment, and will generally last a fairly long time if you maintain them properly. That’s not to say they don’t have toys that break easily though, but it’s not too common, at least in my experience.

The onahole is made up of two different layers of material, so in the inner tunnel, behind that large camel-toe, is a slightly softer, more fleshy and a darker pink material to the outside of the toy. The tunnel itself is quite snug, but it starts off a little wider and gets more narrow as you get towards the end. The outer walls of the tunnel are veiled in large nubs that protrude from multiple angles throughout. 

One of the best things about the Dokusen Nikukan: Exclusive Touch is its length. It’s a full 17cms from front to back and the inner tunnel is just a little shorter, making it quite an impressive length for a Japanese male masturbator. It will easily accommodate the average-sized penis, and the flexible materials will allow it to easily stretch for larger sizes.

The Feel

The first thing you’ll likely notice when push through the Dokusen Nikukan: Exclusive Touch’s large camel toe is the two folds making up the inner entrance. The add some sensation and them kind of guide you within the tunnel. Then as you ease your way in further, the slightly tighter, meandering tunnel starts to add more pressure and increased stimulation.

By the time you get to the end of the tunnel, your whole member is being pleasured by the tunnel and the strong vacuum suction it creates. The end, and tightest part of the tunnel, also features a few larger nubs and they feel amazing on your head at the end of each deep stroke. 

Pulling out is just as pleasurable as pushing in and it feels like the toy is gripping you and trying to keep you inside with the narrowness and those inner nubs. You can build up to a superb climax in this thing, at which point, continuing to pump is difficult due to the strong stimulation. 

The pleasure that this thing is capable of providing is amazing and the weight, size and feel of quality all contribute to the experience. 


While the Dokusen Nikukan: Exclusive Touch is fairly large for a handheld masturbator, lubricating and cleaning it is easy enough due to the wide opening behind the camel-toe entrance nad the durability of the toy. You can confidently finger away and scrape your mess out without fear of anything tearing or popping out at the back – providing your not violently smashing away at it of course. 

Everything about this toy is pretty much excellent, from the box to the shape size and weight of the toy. And the stimulation it provides is superb, with not many other toys outside of Magic Eyes’ own coming close to being comparable. 

Granted, it’s a little more on the expensive side, and there are similar, yet cheaper options available, but in this case, you absolutely do get what you paid for – a toy that feels very good, and should last you a while. 

The Dokusen Nikukan: Exclusive Touch Onahole is available here


  • + Good size and weight
  • + Very good stimulation


  • – A little more expensive than some similar-sized toys from other makers

Rating 9/10

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