Double Layer Onahole “Unreal Body ” by Magic Eyes, are you serious?

This has to be one of the best looking onaholes this year and honestly on my top 5 nice looking onaholes, however, does it feel as good as it looks? let take a closer look at Unreal Body by Magic Eyes!

At first glance you can immediately tell the amount of love went into the design of this onahole and the sculpt. The onahole is nowhere near as light due to the high quality material used to make this onahole, weighting in about 940g. the onahole only brings one hole (vagina) which honestly putting an anal hole would absolutely reduce the onahole quality and materiel, I’m glad Magic Eyes played it safe with that one because I know a lot of other manufactures would of stuck in 2 holes instead of one.

The hole itself is nothing special only that its double layered so it can increase sensation when entering the hole thus increasing the pressure and pleasure. at the end of the hole you can find a mini like cervix which stimulates the head (gland) when you penetrate it deep.

another nice touch was making this a full body onahole, putting oppais isnt a bad move if anything adds to the play factor of the sex toy in itself. A lot of good things I’m seeing here from Magic eyes and definitely adding to my wish list. You can get yours at OtonaJP for only 49USD which is a MEGA STEAL!  The unreal body, just got very real!

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