One Leg Up for this Onahole! Double Hole Onahole “Boku no Kanojo wa Hatsujoki”

OtonaJP keep bringing us very cool and interesting/ unique onaholes to satisfy our fetishes. not so long they had a large masturbator that was an ass spreading onahole the hands included! Today they bring us a position type onahole with one leg up, maybe you can fuck her standing up? cant you do that already with other hip onaholes? lets find out! Presenting Double Hole Onahole “Boku no Kanojo wa Hatsujoki”.

Nothing special in this onahole other than the design choice in terms that it has a specific position (if you are into that kind of stuff). It bring two holes and it comes at a decent weight 1700 grams which is good when you are standing and fucking your waifu *wink*. The anal hole has a very safe inner design with no complicated stimulation bumps, however the vagina hole is a different story, it includes the womb for all you impregnation fans out there! All around, a very good looking onahole, the price is good for what you get and very standard for a large masturbator, however there might be better out there are a lower price and better quality so keep looking. The selling point of this onahole is defiantly the way it was made.

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