BANG FOR YOUR BUCK AND YOURSELF! Large Onahole”Otome Princess Perfect” by BT

My jaw doped when I saw the price for this full body onahole and the quality is actually pretty good! Presenting BT newest large onahole Otome Princess Perfect!

She comes with two holes (anus and vagina) and equip with 2 perfectly sized oppai for the breast lovers out there, get ready for some top quality titty fucks.

The size is not to big and not too small and weighting in at aprox 1400 Grams.

the holes are well presented and the tunes have so much swirls and bumps to make you sing!

Otome Princes goes about 48USD which from what you getting for is a steal, something like this can cost you around close to 200USD You can get it over at OtonaJP.


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