Tenga gears up for Valentine’s Day the only way they know how

With less than a month until the big romantic day – where couples buy each other roses to eat and chocolates to admire in vases for roughly ten seconds as an act of love – Tenga’s got the perfect Valentine’s gift!

How about the Tenga Egg Lovers Chocolate Design Premium Box? Rolls right off the tongue and into the heart.

While these might look (and probably even taste) the same as a regular set of chocolate eggs, no! Put ’em on your dick.

Each Tenga egg is themed to match the occasion, textured with love hearts so you can really, really feel the love. They’re all slightly different and three of them are apparently even exclusive to this set.

Maybe they’ll be worth something on eBay one day. ‘Condition: Acceptable’.

Tenga Egg Lovers Chocolate Design Premium Box is due to launch later this week as an extremely limited release.


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