Oh good, there’s a dolphin vagina onahole

Every few years or so, sex toy manufacturer Daimaoh runs a competition on their site titled ‘Original Hole Contest’. Fans are tasked with coming up with their own ideas for onaholes – the weirder the better – and the best submissions are then turned into actual products.

Case in point, their first ever competition winner (almost ten years ago!) was for a dolphin vagina. It became Orca, a surprisingly generic onahole design which could have been anyone or anything’s vagina, honestly. Perhaps Daimaoh just weren’t confident enough back then to potentially go bankrupt over such a concept.

But that was then, and this is quite possibly now! Anything goes in current year, so Daimaoh have decided to revisit the theme. Orca2: Dolphin! is born.

Distributed under the Toy Max label, this sequel comes in three varieties – soft, regular and hard. Don’t worry though, they all promise to replicate a dolphin’s vag inside.

I’ve gotta say… that does look pretty bloody inviting. While the internal structure looks like a bunch of fins, this is apparently due to the way dolphins actually work down there. What with keeping sperm and all that from being washed out by the ocean.

Daimaoh has thoughtfully explained this:

Dolphins need to protect sperm and eggs from sea water to copulate in the water.
An overwhelming close contact feeling results, as the folds suck onto the penis and seal the vaginal tunnel shut as to not allow room for sea water to enter.

Excellent. And just for the hell of it, here’s the onahole’s concept art.

Orca2: Dolphin! just launched this week.

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  1. So I assume if you managed to get a hold of the discontinued Dolphin from Bad Dragon, you could have a whole futanari setup? http://img.ffffound.com/static-data/assets/6/fd8984689400558c905e4d85b416ca53e0242bd1_m.jpg Just add a pillow with a place for the onahole, a strap on harness, and a jpeg of a dolphin printed onto a pillowcase.

    …also, don’t search “Bad Dragon Dolphin.” I’m worried there’s a PETA swat team coming to my house now. i just wanted a floppy dong toy, damnit!

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