“Merciful Mermaid” by maccos Japan take on Toys heart Hip onaholes

At a glance it looks like your typical every day hip onahole and it may just be, however when I saw what this baby is packing in terms of improving stimulation and pressure points this onahole had me interested immediately! Introducing “Merciful Mermaid” by maccos Japan.

this onahole reminds me a lot of Toys Heart’s SUJIMAN hip onahole which i feature on my top 5 item lists you should get in OtonaJP summer sale. I believe this is a far more superior design in terms of quality and presentation, don’t get me wrong, I own SUJIMAN and Its my top tire onahole on my line up however, I cant wait to get my hands on this one and give her a go! not to mention she is cheaper in terms of pricing, SUJIMAN which runs about 128 USD and Merciful Mermaid will only cost you about 51 USD! that is insane for the value, a bang for your buck! I wouldn’t pass on this onahole or at least have it on wish list and buy it when you can get it. This looks like a definitive must have on your collection of onaholes.

You can get your Merciful Mermaid at OtonaJP and take advantage of their fast shipping so don’t wait!

Good work maccos Japan!


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  1. I’m going to receive this tomorrow, can’t wait to try this! Never bought a hip onahole before, i think it the only type i don’t have yet (besides “Torso” onaholes).

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