Pero Rix Strawberry Vacuum Hard Type – Review

The Pero Rix Strawberry Vacuum Hard Type Male Masturbator by maccos Japan

  • Product: Pero Rix Strawberry Vacuum Hard Type
  • Maker: maccos Japan
  • Measurements: Weight: 400 Grams / Dimensions: 155 x 78 mm
  • Link: Shop (affiliate link)

It’s a hot and humid summer day, you’ve been observing sexy women in their bikinis on the beach all day and when you get home, you’re unbelievably horny – it’s time to slap your dick into an ice cream-themed onahole!

The Pero Rix Strawberry Vacuum Hard Type is one of two ice-cream themed onaholes by maccos Japan – a company who have been putting out quite a few new and unique toys recently. This is the strawberry one (the hard-type), while the other is the Vanilla (the Soft Type). If you have an ice cream fuck fetish, or if the novelty just appeals to you, then read on to find out what an actual ice cream shaped rubber pussy is like. 

The Box / Packaging

The box is a bright pink design with an illustration of a shapely cute anime girl flashing her panties upskirt. The surrounds of the illustration are semi-transparent so you can sort of seeing inside the box at the awaiting ice cream masturbator. 

It’s quite a nice box visually, but the style and material don’t make it very sturdy and there is no further protection within the box. I didn’t receive my onahole with any damage to the box or the toy because it was packaged well (from otonaJP), but it could be a possibility it’s not securely packaged when shipping with other heavier objects.

The toy comes in a plastic bag inside, and there’s also a small packet maccos of lubricant.

The Onahole

As you might expect from an ice cream-themed onahole – it looks just like an ice cream. It has an ice cream cone handle that gets wider towards the top, and then the pink “strawberry ice cream” has a small hole that makes up the entry point. 

The Pero Rix Strawberry Vacuum Hard Type is quite small in size at just 15.5cm in length, but it’s fairly fat at the business end. There’s also a fair bit of mass with 400grams of rubber packed into that small size. 

As this is the hard type version, the material is a little firm, yet still relatively soft. The entrance hole at the top is quite small.

The inner tunnel of this onahole consists of five sections all made up from different sized chambers and filled with various ribs, bumps and textures throughout. This tunnel is made up of the same pink material as the ice cream part of the exterior, while the cone makes up a firmer handle and keeps things in place and durable. 

The Feel

The Pero Rix Strawberry Vacuum Hard Type feels fairly good. There are all sorts of stimulations and sensations going on inside the tunnel, as well as the tight squeeze provided by the small entrance hole. If you prefer a tighter, firmer experience, this onahole provides it. 

The small pocket end chamber at the end of the inner tunnel is quite nice for a few reasons. It feels nice on the head of your penis with it’s ridged walls, it applies a nice sucking vacuum effect when you’ve squeezed the excess air out keeping everything nice and tight around your penis, and finally, it’s also a convenient place to leave your load when you finish inside.

Although the inner tunnel is stimulating throughout, it’s a little annoying that the tunnel is not too deep. It stops about one or two cms before the end of the toy, so it’s only somewhere between 13.5 or 14.5cms in length – which can be a little frustrating, especially if you are well endowed. It’s a shame really because that short tunnel that is there feels very nice, and this would be a very satisfying onahole if you can fit your full length in there. 


The Pero Rix Strawberry Vacuum Hard Type is not a bad little onahole. It’s well-built, sturdy, comfortable and easy to use. The hard-type design and the various textures and chambers inside provide some nice stimulation. Unfortunately, it is let down by the rather shallow tunnel depth which can leave you a little frustrated – a little deeper would have been better, especially since there are more stimulating and deeper tunnels in other onaholes in the same price range. 

It’s well made, and it will last a while, almost definitely, but aside from the unique ice-cream theme, there’s not really much else that sets it apart from other similarly priced onaholes available.  

The Pero Rix Strawberry Vacuum Hard Type Onahole is available here from otonaJP (please use the affiliate links if you buy so I can continue to bring you these reviews). 


  • + Durable & Well Built
  • + Good stimulation


  • – Inner tunnel will be a little too short for some
  • – Better options available at this price

Rating 7/10

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