Top 10 Weirdest Sex Toys From Japan

Top 10 Weirdest Sex Toys From Japan

Well, here it is. Probably one of the easiest and yet also the hardest articles I’ve ever written – The top 10 weirdest sex toys from Japan

Easy because when you’re writing about strange items, things tend to write themselves. Hard because there are so many god-damned strange and crazy sex toys from Japan, it was kind of hard to pick a top 10.

Honestly, this could have easily been a top 20, but unfortunately, many of these strange toys have stopped being available over a decade ago and now only serve as (fond?) memories to the previous generations of sex toy users. 

I decided to try and keep this list focused on toys released within the last ten years, and I kept it at ten to avoid it getting too long. Plus, the ones I have picked could very well be the strangest so far anyway, so…

The Top 10 Weirdest Sex Toys From Japan

  • Not all items were discontinued at time of writing but may be discontinued in future

Whisper of the Penis Onahole (EAR FXXK) – (Discontinued)

This is a fuckable ear male masturbator made by Tama Toys – If you don’t know them , remember that name because you’re about to become well acquainted. 

The entrance is shaped just like a human girl’s ear and it leads to a tunnel within that is made to be penetrated. It even features an eardrum that provides some stimulation while inside. 

Top 10 Weirdest Sex Toys From Japan
Wanna talk hun? I’m all ears
Do you cum ear often?

Ore Senyou Nakadashi Niku Benki – (Discontinued)

Well, how do I explain this one? Basically, it’s a small toilet – that you can put your dick in. It’s also made by Tama Toys.

It looks like any standard toilet really, only smaller. As you can probably imagine, it’s quite short so you can’t get deep inside.

It’s also quite hard for a sex toy so it doesn’t provide the best stimulation. Somehow though, I don’t think stimulation is a very high priority for people who fetishize fucking a toilet. 

If you want stimulation, buying this toy is money down the toilet
I guess this does something for somebody, somewhere?

Puru Puru Brain Fucker

This one is a cerebrum-shaped fuckable toy that replicates the average size and weight of the average human brain. It’s made by Tama Toys – noticing a trend?

The Brain Fucker is super soft and squishy (puru puru) much like I imagine a real brain would feel like. The inner tunnel is basic and therefore doesn’t provide too much stimulation, but more than the toilet onahole does at least. Again, I don’t think stimulation is the number one priority here. 

I was going to buy a regular vagina based toy, but I changed my mind
I lobe you. I lobe you so much

Hesokan Navel Fucker Onahole

The Hesoken Naval Fucker is a toy that lets you get all up in them guts, via the naval. This one is made by A-One Japan. 

The stimulation of this toy isn’t actually too bad if you can get past the whole fucking a belly button thing. The entrance hole is fairly tight, and the inner tunnel is covered in gut-like bumps and ridges. It also comes with a 100ml bottle of special naval-penetration lubricant. 

Definitely an innie
Brings a whole new meaning to the phrase ‘getting your belly button pierced’

Puni Ashi DX

This one is a fuckable foot that aims to please people with a foot fetish. It’s made by Tama Toys, of course.

The Puni Ashi DX has a small hole in the bottom of the foot that you can put your dick in. It doesn’t provide the best stimulation, however, as the inner tunnel is quite basic and tight. In fact, getting into it can even be a little painful.

The foot is quite small so if you have a thing for small feet then it’s perfect. Not so much if you prefer your feet on the large side.

If you have a foot fetish, you’ll get a kick out of this toy
Fuckery is a foot

And here’s a video of the Puni Ashi DX from fellow onahole blogger, Infernal Monkey. (Check him and his blog out if you haven’t already)

DWU Virtual Youtuber Onahole

This onahole is based on a popular virtual Youtuber in Japan called Deep Web Underground (DWU). Not so strange you’re probably thinking – there are many onaholes based on characters. But, are there any toys that ley you fuck a lock of hair? The answer is no, no there aren’t.

This one is very bright and yellow, and meant to mimic DWU’s golden hair. It actually provides some nice stimulation. The inner tunnel is made up of various grooved protrusions and the outer material is soft and flexible. 

Is it a banana? The bottom of rubber duck? No, it’s an onahole!
Looks like some kind of exotic fruit

Life of a Beautiful Girl

This onahole lets you experience the vagina of a woman in six stages of her life – from a schoolgirl, all the way up to a middle-aged milf.

It’s circular shaped and literally has six different penetrable vaginas all around the sides. Oh, and also an asshole on top.

This onahole weighs 3.2kgs and is around 26cm in length edge to edge, and 11cm in height, so it’s fairly big. The six vaginas all look different and have a different inner tunnel design to provide different sensations, meant to mimic the different stages of life.

It’s an interesting concept, but I presume a few people other than myself surely see the onahole party opportunities to be had with this toy. 

The party onahole
A Fun Bun

Insert Game! – (Discontinued)

An onahole for all of us gamer geeks. It’s a male masturbator that is shaped like a hand-held games console (a bit like a PlayStation Portable).

By now, you’re probably noticing that most of these weird novelty toys don’t provide the best stimulation, and it’s the same thing with the Insert Game unfortunately.

While it’s very sturdy due to its cube-shaped design, fucking it is kind of dull. But, hey, it looks like a PSP!

PSP – Portable Silicone Pussy?
A true gamer doesn’t turn on their console, they are turned on by their console

Transcending Titty Walls – (Discontinued)

This onahole lets you live out a deep-down desire you probably never fully became conscious of until now – Fucking a wall of tits. This one is made by Outvision.

The Transcending Titty Wall toy features eight small-but-perky breasts encompassing the outside. The inner tunnel is also made up of tits. This thing is all about the tits.

Because these tits form a series of nub-like protrusions, the stimulation ain’t too bad – not amazing, but not bad. 

This thing has 12 nipples…Sounds unbelievable, dozen tit?

Chastity Darumari Ji Onahole – (Discontinued)

And finally, maybe the most frightful sex toy on this list. This onahole takes inspiration from hentai manga with dark themes, and features a torso with no limbs due to amputation.

This one seems like it would make a good Halloween decoration.

Made by Libido Lab, the Chastity Darumai Ji Onahole even came with blood coloured lubricant to make the experience even more disturbing.

It’s not available any more, fortunately, or unfortunately depending on how you look at it. 

So there it is, the top 10 weirdest sex toys from Japan. There are new toys released every month though, and there’s always a high chance that some of them are weird. Maybe this list will need to be updated soon. Probably.

Are there any toys you know of that qualify as weirdest sex toys from Japan, but are not on this list? Add them below in the comments…

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