Lilitales: Luna’s Backside Hip Onahole – Review

Lilitales Luna's Backside Onahole Review

Lilitales: Luna’s Backside Hip Onahole Review – A Hentai Hip Male Masturbator based on RPG game: Lilitales

  • Product:  Lilitales: Luna’s Backside Hip Onahole
  • Sku: リリテイルズ Lunas Backside 二穴式非貫通ホール
  • Maker: TM Anime Goods & Good Feeling Factory
  • Measurements: Dimensions – 200 x 265 x 170 mm / Weight – 5kgs
  • Link: Shop (affiliate link)

The Lilitales: Luna’s Backside Hip Onahole is based on Luna from doujin RPG game Lilitales published by Kagura Games. 

If you don’t know the game, it follows the heroine Luna who is a voluptuous knight on a lonely quest to rescue a missing princess. It’s a kind of dungeon crawler with quite a good storyline from what I can gather. I haven’t played it myself, but it has quite a few good reviews.  

Lilitales Luna's Backside Onahole Review
Lilitales: Luna’s Backside Hip Onahole, based on RPG game Lilitales

Even though I haven’t played the game, as soon as I received my most recent package from otonaJP, and saw this thing waiting inside, I knew my penis was about to embark on an epic adventure. 

Luna from the game is obviously quite sexy and I guess the people who play the game have imagined what it’d be like to experience her charms so making a hip onahole based on her was a logical horny-inspired step.

The Box / Packaging

The box is quite nice, featuring several illustrations exposing various body parts and flesh to get you in the mood. It’s a nice box and it follows the whole game type theme well. 

Lilitales Luna's Backside Onahole Review
Nice box artwork
Lilitales Luna's Backside Onahole Review

Inside the box, the rather large toy comes well protected in plastic trays and accompanied by a pack of PePe lubricant. 

The Onahole

Lilitales: Luna’s Backside a big round stubby thing, that’s for sure. It may very well be one of the most rounded onahole hips I’ve cum across. It also features some very plump camel toe and some soft fleshly lips surrounding the entrance tunnel.

This is not the most realistic toy in terms of shape, but it’s based on a video game character after all, and it looks good nonetheless and my penis was definitely intrigued. 

Lilitales Luna's Backside Onahole Review
Thicc ass and vagina

It’s also quite heavy for its size at 5kgs, so the round shape is helpful for rolling it around like some kind of big fuckable soccer ball. 

I love the material TM Anime goods have used here – It’s not too soft and not too firm when you grab it and the skin is smooth and remained non-sticky even after a few uses. 

This hip features two penetrable holes, vaginal and anal. The vagina features a ridged tunnel consisting of various nub and protrusions leading to an end chamber. The entrance hole is to the anus is quite small and tight and surrounded by anus-like wrinkles, while the tunnel features a few nubs close to the entrance and then a few ridges combined with a few more nubs. 

Lilitales Luna's Backside Onahole Review
Luna has a huge camel toe, like all good knights should

Both tunnels are dual-layered, meaning they’re made from a different material from the outer layer. This is usually done for stimulation purposes as the material used on the exterior is not always optimum for penetration – the downside being that dual-layered toys often don’t last as long as the materials can tare away from each other. 

The material on the inner tunnel of this toy is a darker pink to the exterior and a is a little softer, but both materials seem quite sturdily moulded together. The build quality overall of this toy is quite good.

The Feel

One benefit of the large round shape of this toy is that it’s easy to roll over and therefore take from different positions and angles. The vaginal hole feels pleasurable with decent stimulation and provides different sensations depending on the angle you enter it from.

Lilitales Luna's Backside Onahole
Nice pink taco

The anal tunnel is also quite stimulating in a more snug-like way. Fewer protrusions stroke your member, but instead you’re surrounded by a tight tube with fewer intricacies. It’s nice to switch things up mid-session or stick with a hole depending on your mood. The anal tunnel, however, feels pretty much the same no matter what angle you penetrate it from. 


The narrow entrance holes and the ridged tunnels of Luna’s backside can be a little difficult to clean and maintain without special tools

Lilitales Luna's Backside Onahole

The toy is well made and seems sturdy enough. I’ve had no problems with mine yet after a few uses. It’s made from good materials and the holes are quite stimulating – not too strong, but satisfactory, and two holes are always better than one.

If realism is not a priority for you in a toy and you’d prefer a something with an exaggerated shape, yet still pleasing to the eye, Luna’s backside might be the backside for you. If you’re a fan of the Lilitales game series and fantasised about rolling Luna’s big ass and pussy around your bed and taking both of her holes from multiple angles, then yeah, why the hell not?

Lilitales: Luna’s Backside Hip Onahole is available here.


  • + Big, weighty and sturdy masturbator 
  • + Penetrable pussy and anal tunnels with different sensations
  • + Good stimulation & easy to roll around


  • – A little difficult to clean and lubricate
  • – A little unrealistically shaped – which could be a good thing depending on what you’re looking for

Rating 8/10

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