Goku Hida Virgin Octopus – Review

Goku Hida Virgin Octopus Onahole Review – A hentai tentacle-themed male masturbator by G-Project

  • Product:  Goku Hida Virgin Octopus
  • Maker: G-Project
  • Measurements: Weight: 300 Grams / Dimensions: 130 x 65 mm
  • Link: Shop (affiliate link)

Tentacle porn. Perhaps one of the strangest things to come out of Japan (although there’s a lot of competition), or best depending on how you look at it.

I’m not absolutely sure how this tentacle porn thing got started in Japan, but legend has it that it became popular in recent decades as a way of getting around Japan’s strict censorship laws in pornography. Tentacles are a convenient way to show more penetration action and fewer pixels. However, this theory is debunked somewhat when you consider the fact that some tentacle porn works of art (shunga) date as far back as 1814. So, yeah. Japan.

Anyway, getting back to present times, G-project have bought us a new and intriguing handheld onahole inspired by the very tentacle erotica we have just discussed. The Goku Hida Virgin Octopus here – has an inner tunnel that is lined with octopus suckers throughout. So, if you have ever been intrigued or turned on by tentacle porn, or even just the thought of being jerked off by an octopus limb, then this is a male masturbator worthy of considering putting your penis in. 

So, let’s see if it sucks, or if it sucks…

The Box

The box features a typical G-Project clean design. The illustration of the busty red-head on the front donning her octopus-sucker bikini was drawn by artist “Super Zombie”. 

Goku Hida Virgin Octopus Onahole by G-Project
Goku Hida Virgin Octopus Onahole by G-Project

Inside the box, the Goku Hida Virgin onahole comes in a plastic bag and with a small pack of lubricant. It also comes with a G-Project storage bag which is quite common with their medium and upper-range masturbators, and definitely a nice touch. The resealable bag will help keep the onahole dry and dust-free. 

The Onahole

The material of the Goku Hida Virgin Octopus Onahole is firm and flexible. It has a slightly springy feel to it and it pops back into shape when you squeeze it. It’s a single-layer material masturbator, so the material used for the exterior also makes up the inner tunnel and the various protrusions.

The exterior has a rounded shape and a smooth surface. There are no noticeable oils or powders on the toy due to G-Project’s clever “Grow Up Skin” materials which keeps itself well maintained and remaining fairly durable. 

There are no noticeable features on the outside of the toy that follow the octopus pussy theme. The inner tunnel, however, is an all-out octopussy. It’s a slightly curved and spiraling design. The entrance is a small basic hole, but the snug inner tube behind it is covered in suckers like that of an octopus’ tentacle. It’s not just a gimmick either – these suckers come at you from every angle and run right to the very end of the tunnel. Push into the back wall, and your member will encounter the one large pod protrusion that prods and stimulates the head of your penis.

The Feel

The Goku Hida Virgin Octopus Onahole suckers hit you as soon as you get inside. The small entrance hole delivers a slight squeeze, but by the time you’re a little further inside, those suckers start doing their job. They provide a nice stroking and massaging sensation throughout the toy at varying levels of degree. 

Goku Hida Virgin Octopus Onahole by G-Project

These suckers vary in sizes and run through the meandering tunnel and are attached to thick ribs. The middle and the back part feel particularly good and hanging around in that part with short strokes feels nice. But that end pod wight at the back feels very good smashing against your head while those suckers work the edges. 

Goku Hida Virgin Octopus Onahole by G-Project

As the tunnel is spiraling and consists of various sized suckers and ribs, the sensation can be changed a bit by spinning the onahole and penetrating at another angle – making it possible to play around a bit to see what feels good and mix it up mid-session.


The Goku Hida Virgin Octopus Onahole provides a pleasurable punch for its medium size and weight (300g). Just the spiraling tunnel veiled in various suckers inside a tight tunnel and that end pod prodding and poking – a lot is going on, in a good way. 

This onahole is great if you want to cum quickly and provides superb stimulation to get you there, but longer sessions may be a little too much abuse for your manhood at one time. It can also be a little noisy, so if you live with others, be careful if you don’t want to get caught red-dicked, balls deep inside an octo-pussy.

The Goku Hida Virgin Octopus Onahole is available here.


  • + Awesome stimulation
  • + Well designed, and high-build-quality onahole


  • – A little noisy sometimes
  • – Perhaps a little too much if you want slower-paced sessions

Rating 9/10

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