Smell-o-vision finally becomes (virtual) reality with OhRoma

It’s been joked about and roughly experimented with since the dawn of time, but smell-o-vision is back, and it’s sexier than ever.

CamSoda, the company behind an adult cam site (but not soda) has just announced the ‘OhRoma’ device. With the help of a virtual reality headset, users can look forward to literally strapping various canisters of sexual scents to their face, and when linked with compatible VR videos, OhRoma automatically sprays something to match the on-screen action.

This can range from the smell of sweat, feet, panties – even ‘tasty aphrodisiacs’ like chocolate. I’m sure there’s a porn video out there somewhere of someone shoving chocolate bars in every orifice. Up to six smelly canisters can be loaded into the device at any given time.

A phone app is also planned shortly after launch, which will allow users to pick and choose exactly what they want to be huffing instead of letting OhRoma decide. So you could be watching a YouTube advert for McDonald’s and mash that ‘anus’ scent to really complete the experience.

Unfortunately due to the surprisingly advanced tech involved in blowing armpits directly into your face, OhRoma requires a full-on proper VR headset like Vive or Oculus Rift to function. Basic cardboard style solutions won’t work, and there’s no word of PlayStation VR compatibility either.

Shame, what with Summer Lesson and that upcoming Dead or Alive Xtreme 3 VR patch…

But yeah, OhRoma is an actual thing that’s coming out. You can pre-order the full package here for the low low price of uuuuuhhhh, one hundred dollars.

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